Tuesday 24 November 2015

Form a Queue Ladies .......

I have no idea what they were all sniffing, most likely a rabbit scent trail or some such thing, but I couldn't resist getting this photo of the dogs on the hillside the other day during a break in the rain.

We are getting out in the paddock no matter what the weather but on the wettest of wet days they need a lot of cajoling to get them over there in the first place.  I sometimes wonder if dogs think we as humans are completely mad for wanting to take them out for a walk no matter what the weather.  

I know these three, Suky especially, would much rather be left indoors on the sofa and just dash out when strictly necessary for a toilet break.  They've even started to take it in turns to have a wee under our big plant in the front garden and then dash back in to the warmth of the conservatory.

A Mavis style action shot .....

... a Suky action shot.  

Pugs do 'action' so well    :-)

Sue xx


  1. ha ha ha now that's entertaining :))
    they are all so adorable!
    thanx for sharing

  2. Haha ! Too funny.
    Whoever came up with the understanding that dogs have the need to go out for a dander in all weather was seriously mistaken, if my dogs are anything to go by.

  3. I'm sure our pet's really do think us humans are a bit bonkers sometimes. I get the most filthiest of looks from our cat just for even looking at her!

  4. When it's raining our dogs just refuse to go out walking, and if you've ever tried dragging a pair of Wolfhounds around a wet paddock you'll know why I don't force the issue! They dash outside, do their 'necessaries' and dash back inside again!

  5. As a pug owner in the past Sue I think pugs do action brilliantly - they THINK about it. No need to move.

  6. I've just been sent on a mad dash errand to let my daughters dog out as her train has been cancelled and she us waiting for the bus!!! The fog who ought to be sitting crossed legs is in no hurry whatsoever to go out in the wind and rain.

  7. aahhh gorgeous photo's Sue :-) I have to say my 2 girls don't like out at the moment either especially now its cold and wet to. Cant say I blame them really. your hounds are gorgeous, dee x

  8. My dogs are weird then, they LOVE going out in the wet weather. Splashing through puddles then coming home to shake themselves all over my white kitchen then rubbing themselves along my cream couches to get dry!!!

    Fab photos :-)

  9. My dog LOVES going in the sea, the river, lakes, streams, even muddy puddles where he lies down & rolls to get completely soaked and filthy. But to go out when it's raining? No, NO, NO WAY!!!

  10. Love Suky's action shot. Like my nan used to say " she hasn't got a hurry-up bone in her body!

  11. Lovely pictures Sue. So much easier to photograph pugs! Our Goldie wants a walk no matter how disgusting it is outside, but a friend's Westie backs away from the door if it's wet and makes it very clear "You can go, but I"m staying put! Now, turn the heater back on please!"

  12. What a wonderful dog family you have. I'm jealous of your rain over here in dry South Australia. :)


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