Thursday, 5 November 2015

Hitting the Shelves Today

I've been lucky enough to be asked to review a brand new magazine, well brand new to the UK newsstands that is .... it's been available to folk in Germany for the last ten years and now we are lucky enough now to have our own version of it.

I love it, there is something in it for everyone, well in our house that's just the two of us, but you know what I mean.

Veggie recipes for me, there are meat ones too and instructions on how to roll and tie a joint of meat ... but I won't go into that!!  Those Chicory and Pear Tartlets made us both drool  :-)

A bit of gardening, Winter gardening at that so it's just right for now.

Lovely Hubby was very taken with this idea ....  turning old floorboards and reclaimed wood into benches and tables, and has asked me to save the magazine so he can copy these ideas .... as if it wouldn't be saved!!  

There is so much to read in the pages both relaxing reading and informative reading, and something that we both noticed and loved was the lack of advertising.  In the whole of the 130 pages and the covers there were only five pages of advertising and these were whole page adverts for tractors and a car, which are just Lovely Hubby's sort of adverts anyway so he was happy.

Of all the articles there was only one that didn't hold my interest and that was about 'The Queen of Musical Instruments .... organs.  The other one I thought I wouldn't 'get into' was this one about falcons, but it was brilliant and really sucked me in.

In complete and utter clarity I have to say that along with my magazine I also received this wonderful box of goodies.  I didn't know I was getting it until it arrived, I expected only a copy of the magazine, so I was amazed and delighted to unpack this little lot, it was like an early Christmas present.

I'm a very lucky girl :-)

And now down to the nitty gritty, would I buy it again - YES
It's got so much to read for women and men, although Lovely Hubby thought it veered a bit more towards a female readership, and in his opinion was 'country stuff for town folk', I think he wanted more smallholding type things, pigs, chickens etc,  but that is a market that in my opinion that is already well catered to.

Do I think it's worth the cover price of £4 - YES
Many monthly magazines are at this price point and higher, this has a lot to read and is the sort of publication you would keep to re-read in the future.  The lack of advertising cluttering up the pages makes it very good value at this price, I do hope they can keep future issues this free of advertising.

Was there anything I didn't like about it - YES 
The next copy isn't out until 22nd March 2016 .... how can they make me wait that long  :-(

Landlust is hitting the UK magazine shelves for the first time TODAY 5th November 2016.

If you do buy yourself a copy please let me know what you think about it, it would be very interesting to compare notes.  HERE is a link to their website where you can peek through a few more of the pages of the magazine and read more about it.

And HERE's the link to their Facebook page which makes for good reading too, you can nip over and be one of the very first to 'Like' it.

Thanks to all at Landlust UK, and especially Joe, for the chance to review this lovely publication and THANK YOU so much for the lovely box of goodies, no doubt the contents of which will be appearing on the blog in the not too distant future being put to very good use.

Sue xx


  1. Ooh that looks interesting! I'd got bored with magazines and haven't bought one for ages because they were all much of a muchness. May have to treat myself to this one if I find it. Thanks for the review and lucky you getting an unexpected extra treat too! :)

  2. I'm off to town this morning so will pop into newsagents to see if they have a copy. Thanks for the review.

  3. It does look a bit similar to Land Love and Landscape, both of which I have the occasional look at....I haven't had one of those for a while, so I'll have a look out for it.

  4. If our newsagent has a copy I will buy it andlet you know what I think. I buy Landscape for a friend every year and she really enjoys that.

  5. It looks, and sounds like a magazine I would buy. Think I will check it out. I am a little baffled though by how close the naming of the other magazine 'Land Love' is Perhaps as Land Lust is German in origin (is this right?) the names came along at the same time unknown to each other. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi, yes,as I said in the first bit of the post, it's a magazine that has been published and available to buy in Germany for the last ten years. They are just launching it in the UK today. They are similar titles, although I had never heard of Land Love until these comments, I should look for it perhaps and compare the two :-)

  6. It looks a lovely magazine and very similar to Landscape and Landlove magazines which I treat myself to sometimes (and keep for the dark days of winter so I can "get out" through the lovely photographs gracing their pages).

    What a lovely box of goodies you got to accompany it.

  7. Love the box of goodies - and the teatowels(??) even appear to have your favourite shade of green on! :)

    1. I know ... I spotted that right away, it's as though they know me!! The only item I'll perhaps struggle to use is the pack of multi-coloured ready to roll icing .... but I'll give it a go :-)

  8. What a beautiful magazine! I just ordered it, but it might take a while to get here to the states. Thanks for sharing it with us. :-)

  9. hello sue,
    that is my favourite magazine!!!
    greetings from germany,

  10. Now I wish it would come to the USA. To your hubby's point - I can see where he is coming from. I very much enjoy Mother Earth's newsletters - I don't know if they publish in UK as well? But they are geared towards smallholdings and have plenty of ideas etc. to keep you busy.


  11. I am on the case and am ordering one :-). Loving the holy wooden angels of the Holy Night on the cover. Thank you so much for bringing them to me . Blessings, Ali xx Ps. I don't have a blog but read yours regularly for inspiration.

  12. I found it in the airport and it kept me occupied throughout a four hour flight. The lack of ads was fabulous. Good content. I brought it home with me to try the recipes.


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