Tuesday 17 November 2015

Manning Up

Jack the Lavender Pekin Bantam youngster is now well on his way to becoming a man, well a chickeny man ;-)

He is now almost five months old and it's becoming more and more obvious that he knows he is the man of the flock since Caldwell's death a couple of months ago.  His comb is bright red and growing more impressive with each passing week.  He struts around, walking the manly chickeny walk that only a cockerel proud in his feathers can get away with.

Someday soon I think he'll be managing his first morning wake up 'cock a doodle do'.

You can see in comparison the hardly visible pale pink comb and wattles on his sister Jill, seen here eating her breakfast this morning with their Mum, Mother Goose.

He's been getting a bit stroppy this last week or so, obviously male hormones are flooding through his little body making him want to stand up to everyone that comes close.  It doesn't worry me at all it just means that he gets picked up all the more and cuddled at every opportunity.  I have to show him who's the real boss .... but in the nicest possible way.

And of course I would never give away his little secret .... that every night he sits close to his sister and Mum, and they cuddle the night away together.

Sue xx


  1. Jack is a very handsome little cockerel isn't he! His comb is looking very impressive :)

  2. Oh I could eat him! (not literally though!!) Very cute!

    1. Haha ... you wouldn't get much meat off him, Pekin Bantams are all fluff and feathers :-)

  3. If for whatever reason you are unable to make a go of living off the land, you really need to write some children stories about your babies. Your stories are great and you have a way with words. Cheryl

  4. I would love chickens bur hubby is against it. My neighbour has 3, she did have 6 but as they die she isn't replacing them. They are all rescue hens. We are considering moving slightly more rural perhaps then I can have hens ;0)

  5. This made me chuckle, especially the last sentence :)

  6. I love bantams and used to have a trio of Pekin - they really were delightful.

  7. Even when you're king of the coop , you still need cuddles from your mum! He's so handsome.

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  9. Banties are such feisty little things and so pretty. Oops, and handsome!

  10. Happy , pretty birds, everything loves a "mummy" cuddle, don't they?


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