Tuesday 21 January 2014

Chicken Shed

The view from our spare bedroom window is changing a little bit day by day.  Between Chicken World and the wood store and the temporary Manshed there is a slowly developing area.   Lovely Hubby has been getting the base ready for the new Chicken Shed.
"Did you say Chicken Shed" ....  yes I did, but it's not for chickens so keep out.
"Me too?" ... Yes, you too!!
It's for all the chicken feed, supplies and equipment, I toyed with the idea of calling it the Girl-Shed to compete with the Manshed, imagining frilly net curtains, a rug underfoot, a comfy armchair and a book case with space to deposit a cup of steaming hot coffee ... but then I thought "Nooo I have the house for that". 
So it's going to be the Chicken Shed ... I still quite fancy the idea of a net curtain though :-)
Sue xx


  1. Sounds fantastic...I can imagine a lovely net curtain in there too :) Girl-Shed sounds very tempting ..
    AFM xx

  2. I need a girl shed! A curtain will be lovely, and no doubt you'll make it very appealing. I am green with envy!

  3. I haven't got space for a girl shed, however unknown to Mike I will be painting his man shed an appropriate colour & decorating the outside of it with bunting. It is after all next to the seating area so needs to look the part.

  4. Nice to see your view looking the other way.

  5. I need a shed for my craftwork, as hubby says it takes up too much space in the 'van. I actually fancy getting a small caravan that could be towed behind the motorhome for my 'stuff' - just think how productive i could be!!

  6. Love the view. The girls look as though they may not agree with you on this one. My small granddaughter thinks they need a place to sit and knit (like Priscilla on the Looney Toons). She know they don't really knit, but she likes to imagine it.

    1. I love this idea! I can imagine them sitting there knitting, wings tucked by chests pushing them out in the manner of Les Dawson. Lots of 'ooh - well I never!'s and the like! :)

  7. Ours is definitely a unisex shed - it has mainly man stuff in there but in an orderly fashion.

  8. What a lovely view Sue. It will be lovely to see all the trees and hedges in leaf. The hens have a great area. I know what you mean about being happy with your home and not needing a shed. I went through that stage and realise now it would only be used infrequently so no point in planning one. I would like a pergola though. :)

  9. Looks like a lovely place you have there, I am so envious ;)

  10. Good plan. I've got a shed for animal type stuff and feed. Really handy but could do with it being bigger!


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