Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Splash of Colour

Before painting the fireplace in the kitchen was patchy and quite unappealing.

After a coat of paint it did look much better and fresher, but it needed some colour and of course it needed my favourite colour......

... you can't beat a bit of green!

Now it's all finished, with a quick coat of white emulsion behind the central heating boiler, it's just waiting for a good clean up when the paint is dry and then that is the kitchen almost finished.

In my minds eye I can already see Jessie's lovely Christmas Cacti sat on top of the boiler, pretty knick knacks on the mantlepiece and a big clock on the wall.

We've had a brilliant long weekend of work and moving things to the new place.  While my big, strong son was here we made full use of his truckers muscles and know-how with lifting, by getting lots of awkward and heavy things to the house.  Each day the large animal trailer and the back of the truck was full to bursting with indoor and outdoor stuff.  Once the unloading was complete they cracked on with the shed and then managed to build two new worm beds as well. 

It's so satisfying to see it all coming together.  The dogs and cats are completely baffled by our new minimal lifestyle at home, the large farmhouse table and chairs have been sold and the money put towards a smaller table for the bungalow so they can tear round and round the kitchen, the big squashy sofa has travelled to the bungalow too, so there is plenty of room in the living room too for wacky races doggy style.

Caldwell, with Little Lucy, Poppy and Daisy (when they were tiny) and his 3 sons.  Not many cockerels will tolerate their male offspring staying in the flock, but Caldwell was a special boy and lived in peace ruling his roost with gentle authority.

Some sad news while we were at the house one day last week, nasty Mr Fox managed to get at the chickens at home and my brave boys (Caldwell and his sons) died saving their wives. Brave, brave little Lavender Pekin Bantams.

Caldwell, the Lavender Pekin Bantam. RIP

We have decided that in future any cockerel we end up with accidently (we no longer breed on purpose) will be named Caldwell after this truly lovely boy.

Now we just have four little Lavender Pekin Bantams, Alice, Little Lucy and her daughters Poppy and Daisy, luckily they get on really well with the big laying girls (of whom we have only eight Hylines and Lofty, the Light Sussex left) and are happy to cuddle up together at night in the 'big girls' house.

So much we're much depleted in chicken numbers at the moment, something we will rectify after the move.

So happy days and sad days, the story of our life here on the farm (s).

Sue xx


  1. Sorry about the loss of the birds - but glad to know you are settling well into the new place.
    You are right, the fireplace looks better with a coat of paint!
    blessings x

  2. Sorry to hear that. Have you managed to sort out where the fox got in?. Kitchen looking lovely.

  3. I think Caldwell should have another name too..
    "Caldwell Braveheart"
    Jane x
    PS I really like that splash of green!

  4. Sorry to hear about your boys, Sue.

    Love the fireplace and cupboards either side. Sounds like you're getting on really well.


  5. The colour is lovely...are you planning on painting the walls as well?

  6. Great paint colour! Perfect!

    Look forward to more updates!x

  7. Your kitchen is looking nice and fresh, I look forward to seeing what knick knacks you add to make it your own. Horrible news about your chickens and roosters - foxes can such destructive animals.

  8. So sorry you have lost two beautiful birds to foxes, hope you can make them more secure. it's nice to see a peak of your new home with a cosy kitchen coming together, it looks homely. Betty

  9. House is looking great and so sad about the hens - it's a harsh world xx

  10. so sad, we have lost chooks from foxes., We have a saying here and it says a good fox is a dead fox.,love from Glenda and happy playing with your new home,.

  11. Nice color in the kitchen, sorry for your loss in the hen house. Love the looks you are creating.


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