Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's all white.........

It's all white.....if you're Jonathon Ross you'll read this slightly differently!!

Seriously, we are painting everything white at the moment, it's the cheapest paint there is, even the 'big' names work out relatively cheap if you buy big enough tins, and they do seem to have greater covering powers.  So we've gone for quality over cheapness this time.

It is having the desired effect and with each room painted the bungalow is taking on a brighter hue.  We are also relacing all their turkish style punched metal light fittings with simple centre lights, shades and brighter long life energy efficient bulbs.  This hopefully will be our home for at least the next three years while we save like mad, so spending carefully and sensibly now will make the job we are doing last.

I'm even being very good and taking care of my paint brushes, I used to buy the cheapest and throw them away at the end of a days painting, not frugal and certainly not good for the environment.  Now I carefully clean them out using white spirits only for the really stubborn paint, a spot of detergent usually does a brilliant job of cleaning both handles ,bristles and rollers .

Because all our surfaces are white and washable it should be relatively easy to wipe down after the dogs and cats have done their usual tricks of brushing against walls and wagging muddy tails just in the wrong spot.  When wiping down no longer has the desired cleaning effect a quick touch up with saved paint will freshen up areas.

I will say I thought that all white surfaces might look a bit stark, like a minimilist house in some of the interior magazines you see, but it seems to be just fresh and calming at the moment.   Adding even a little bit of colour, like the fireplace in the kitchen, makes the whiteness look even more crisp and we have decided that the 'green' of the fireplace will be our signature colour for this home, with little touches of it popping up in each room on picture frames, painted chairs and in some of the soft furnishings.


We can almost see this......the finishing line now. 

Once I have finished on this post I am doing the woodwork in the Hall, then we have just the Living Room to do, and guess what colour that will be......NOPE sorry it's not going to be white.... that was a bit cruel after an all white post...sorry couldn't resist!

We have half a tin of Cookie Dough paint which we will mix with whatever white silk emulsion we have left and it should turn out a nice shade of biscuity cream, it was paint we bought and used in diluted form for all the rooms at Jointers Farm and we thought it would be a nice touch to bring a little bit of our old home in our new home.

Sue xx

All photos courtesy of Google camera is at the other house!!


  1. Hello! I love hearing about your new house! Makes me feel like starting anew, to be all clutter free and freshly decorated too! :-)

    I hate cleaning paintbrushes etc too! I often lose them and end up having to buy new each time we paint. But no more! ;-)

    Enjoy your new home,



    (New follower)

  2. My you have been busy!
    Can't wait to see the finished job!

    Sandie xx

  3. All sounds wonderful Sue - bet you can't wait to be actually living in the house :-)

  4. Hi Sue
    White is a great background for all accent colours, it will look great with little splashes of colour from accessories. Our cottage is all cream, we bought a job lot of it when we moved in and have done every room in it. Means you can get creative with whatever accessories, without having to worry about whether they'll fit in with your walls. Bet you can't wait to move in now!

    Sue, I hate to be a pain while you're so busy, but did you get my emails?

    Thanks, Sooze

  5. I've been thinking of doing white throughout the house too I just don't know where to start - so daunting !

  6. We'd thought about all white, but as we have HUGE windows,and spend,on average, four months looking at nothing but white outside...we decided it would be too much!
    Jane x

  7. Painting it all white sounds like a good idee!

  8. Sooze - I haven't received any emails, try sending them

    Sue xx

  9. Hi Sue, have resent the email

    Thanks, Sooze x


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