Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sometimes it's the little improvements........

Sometimes it's the little improvements that make a place feel like home.

Like lining the shelves of the freshly painted built-in cupboard in the kitchen with some left over oilcloth from my spotty tablecloth, and some pretty wallpaper bought for 10p a roll at last Summers car boot sale, and then unpacking some of my kitcheny things and seeing them back and ready for action.

Or cleaning out the fridge/freezer to get rid of the smell of spices and fish (not a nice combo),

... and seeing it gleaming and smelling fresh, ready for use.

Or unpacking lots of books and finding that soooooo many of them fit on the shelves in the Office/Utility room that it will free up some of our own shelves for other uses.

And sometimes it's the bigger things.......... more of that tomorrow!!

Sue xx


  1. I agree it can be the smallest of things that bring more pleasure.

    Can't wait to see what else you have been up too!!


  2. Its all looking good, can't wait to see how it all progresses. Have you got used to the different countryside noises at night -time? (assuming they are different from where you were).

  3. Haha....we've been up to all sorts!!

    We haven't moved in yet, we're still decorating, but already the thing we're noticing most noise wise is simply having neighbours. We've been on our own in the middle of nowhere for the last 3 years and to hear other voices around the place is slightly unsettling!!

    Night time noises should be just the same, although I guess a few more owl noises from the woods that we border.

    The cockerels from the neighbouring land sounded very eiry the day we had a heavy mist, like something from a horror movie!!

    Sue xx

  4. Can't wait to see what you've been up to! How are the furry family coping?
    Jane x

  5. Your new house will soon feel like home I'm sure. Also, not relevant to this post, but I can't comment under the £2012 in 2012 section: Myself and Hubby are mid way through a 'frugal February' challenge, where we live on (food, drink, leaisure) £25 per week. Finding that reading through some of your back posts is inspiration. Will follow your £2012 in 2012 challenge eagerly :-)

  6. nothing quite like a freshly lined shelf is there!
    So pleased that things are starting to take shape, its looking quite homely

  7. What a brilliantly organised cupboard, lovely.....and all those books look wonderful.

    I'm really interested in what you're doing (and have done in the past, am slowly reading through from the beginning). I'd like to email you soon with a few questions, if I may?

    Regards, Sooze

  8. It is the smallest things that make such differences. I can't wait to hear of more tomorrow :) x x x x

  9. What a lovely big cupboard you have ! we have lived here for 9 years and every day I have struggled to get my dinner plates out from behind other stuff. Yesterday I had a clear out and they are now at the front - so simple, why did I leave it so long ?!
    Hope you will be happy in your new home
    Sue x

  10. Sooze, feel free to email with any questions, my address is on the sidebar of the Blog.

    The same goes for anyone, if there's somethng you'd like to only have to ask!!

    Sue xx

  11. Love the lining in your cupboards. Simple but brilliant idea.

    It's starting to look like home to me!

    And the book situation being under control..that must be a relief.

    Sft x

  12. I love your bookshelves! Can't wait to see what else you've been up to! :0

  13. What a beautifully organized cupboard. Wish I had one like it! I have to dive in the cupboard and in the corner and get a flash light to see the hidden depths. Drool.

  14. Nothing better than seeing your own things in your own cupboard! Hope the unpacking continues well
    Sarah xx

  15. I bet it's starting to feel more like home :) I love that storage cupboard. I'd like to have a cupboard like that to store "stuff" that just takes up room in the other cupboards.


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