Thursday, 9 February 2012

The First Post from the New Place

Well we've not moved in yet, that will be in a couple of weeks, but we are here and busy decorating most days.

Let me show you what we've been up to this week.

This room is an added part of the bungalow round the back, we've decided to use it as our office and utility room (that's mainly because the washer/dryer is situated here).  We've cleaned it up and painted everything white.

Ten windows to go round with masking tape and paint, no wonder we decided to get it out of the way first, my aching arm is testimony to the effort put in.  But now it's gleaming and sparkling white.

After a quick clean of the floor, aided and abetted by a certain little doggy that just had to rush in and kiss daddy....

... pose for the camera guys.

I put up the curtains and Lovely Hubby was able to connect us to the internet so Blogging could recommence.  We have our priorities here you know!!

One house that needs no decorating, thank goodness, this lovely little tree house just across from the office window. 

Inside there are little kitchen units ... 

... and a gorgeous little armchair and two patchwork pouffes on the upper floor to make the most of the lovely view.

  Underneath there are a couple of hammock seats, and to the right a normal swing and a larger bench swing  We could rent it out to family and friends, any one have to be under four foot to fully appreciate it!!

Back soon with more news and pictures, now I'm off to wield my paintbrush again before my arm seizes up completely.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sue xx


  1. Glad to see you've got your computer up and running again. I'm looking forward to all your future blogs from your new home- Wishing you all the best !

  2. Hello! It all looks great and the tree house is AMAZING!

  3. Welcome back to blogland even if you aren't moved in fully yet. That room certainly looks better for a paint, much lighter. Is the combined window/door sort of a 1930's metal combo?

  4. Oh,what a gorgeous treehouse! Your new office looks great...and I love to see a man hard at work!
    Jane x

  5. glad to here you are making progress. I hate painting window as well.

    Gill in Canada

  6. I know I should go nuts about your new abode, but I just love that little house! :)

  7. Hello! Nice to hear from you, glad things are progressing at the new place. I've been painting our 'new-ish' place today - it's not gone as well as yours. I bet you can't wait to move in now, all very exciting!

  8. what a lovely light and airy office- lots of windows are admittedly a pain to paint, but a real bonus to live with!
    lotsa love xx

  9. You could always turn it into a hen penthouse;-)

  10. What a gorgeous place . Hope you'll all be really happy there . Jules

  11. Hi there..all i can say is and alan have been working hard..its going to be lovely..the girls are totally in love with the little house and want it..they are oohing and arrrhing over the kitchen units and the pouffes...we have missed your posts and have wondered what your up we know..up to your armpits in white lovely to hear from you both..
    take care

  12. oops forgot to sign off with tots names..eek i'm in trouble now..

  13. OOh it's great to see you back online :) the little house is so sweet.....and the big ones looking good too . I don't envy you the window painting , I am terrible at woodwork painting much better at emulsioning though :)

  14. What a lovely, bright bungalow - hope you enjoy your new home.


  15. Good to have you back and it does look lovely. Hope you will be very happy there xx

  16. Lovely to hear that everything is going well. Your new place looks beautiful and as for the little outsidey house - absolutely gorgeous!!

  17. Welcome to Berkshire!! Sorry we can't always make the sun shine!! (It's snowing at the moment!!). You new home looks delightful! Looking forward to the updates!!
    Best wishes x

  18. How lovely !! All those windows- full of light and and what a view !!
    You look to be settling in very nicely !!

  19. Oh, the luxury of not having to move straight in!!

    I love the tree house.

  20. That tree house looks lovely. You are bound to have some young friends wanting to visit you so that they can play in it. Shame it isn't a little bigger so that you could have a holiday let.

    Take it steady with the painting. Looks lovely so far.

  21. The new house looks lovely. Very much looking forward to seeing and hearing more.

  22. Sue, Isn't your hubby a sweetie for getting you connected? Love the little childs house cute!
    Will you be having a housewarming?

  23. You've made that room look lovely Sue. I hope it's warm enough in there- an add on with lots of windows sounds chilly.
    What a dear little tree house !

  24. Wow! Sue - that play house. They cost a fortune you know - seriously I bet there wasn't much if any change out of £5k. Just have a look on here -

    I would LIVE in there if it was me!!

    I love your new room, it looks white and fresh and lovely.

    It is all so exciting my friend!!


  25. that is the most awesome wendy house.
    well done on the painting. looking forward to seeing the rest of the decorating

  26. Good to see you're back and hope that the decorating is going well xx

  27. Oh, and I've tagged you -but happy for you to post about it MUCH LATER ON, bigger things to worry about I'm sure!


    Sft x

  28. oh my, that looks a lovely place... (does you 'man who can, with doggie' hire out?!). Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  29. I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award - details on my page. How is the house coming on - thinking of you in this cold weather xx


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