Monday, 20 February 2012

....and sometimes it's the big ones!!

What does every man need (well in their opinion!!)....... a shed.

Lovely Hubby's pride and joy has been made to order, picked up by him and my brilliantly handy son from near Hastings,

and then erected over the course of the weekend, in all weathers.

They worked hard, sustained injuries, a whole panel fell on LH in high winds, luckily an unimportant bit of him took the full force.....his head!!   After a cup of tea he resumed work with only a red patch on his head and a HUGE bruise growing steadily by the hour on his upper arm, after all when your new toy is here you have to assemble it fully no matter what!

Working in tandem to get the roof on yesterday.....

....occasionally getting distracted by low flying aircraft and birds, but now it's almost complete, just final alterations needed to the doors and the glass needs to be trimmed as it's 2mm too big for the window gap, how annoying when you want to play with your new toy!

So it's been all hands on deck this weekend with all three of us doing little things, big things and taking just a little bit of time to enjoy ourselves, with a well earned meal out last night at our favourite eatery.

Now I'm painting the fireplace in the kitchen in my favourite shade of green paint, luckily LH loves it too ..... in fact he loves it so much he's just had 10 litres of the same shade mixed to paint his new Man Shed.

Sue xx


  1. It is a great looking shed ,ours are falling to pieces.Hoping it last a bit longer.

  2. Super shed. My hubby has no shed but does have a container at the marina he calls his office !

  3. Wow, now that is a SHED!! (my husband would practically move in there, lol)


  4. My thats a big one...shed i mean ;)
    A man needs a retreat lol..seriously it looks like a good one and well made too..

  5. oh I do love a new shed!
    I have one of my very own that was "made-to-measure" and one that I inherited from my father-in-law and I'm as happy as anything pottering about out there!

  6. Love the Man Shed :)

  7. That is a proper shed. it will look great when its painted.

  8. That's a beautiful shed Sue!

    Glad it's all going well. Look forward to seeing photos of the fireplace.

    Is that a trampoline I spy?

    Sft x

  9. Its definitely not just a man thing..................I have 3 sheds of my own.

    Pleased there were no serious injuries sustained , look forward to seeing the finished and painted shed.

  10. Hi just come across your blog, of course every man needs a shed, what would they do without one, my hubby has a shed but its full of logs at the moment, until the log store is Shall be following you in your new place. Julie xxx

  11. That stance on the ladder in the last picture looks rather precarious. Hope there were no more injuries.


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