Monday, 27 February 2012

It's going well.....

It's really going so well at the new place at the moment, over the weekend Lovely Hubby managed to finish off the spare bedroom while I was in Manchester with my folks, and then on Sunday when I was back we did all the finishing touches to it, cleaned up, and then......

... I moved all the boxes from the living room into it and completely cluttered it up!!  Oh well, it's only temporary and it is the Spare Room,. once we're in it will be a calm and uncluttered oasis for visitors.

I did have second thoughts about all the 'stuff' on the mantlepiece and we are left with this, much simpler and more pleasing on the eye.  A couple of the bits and pieces that were on there are now gracing my EBay pages, time to start making money again for my £2012 in 2012 Challenge.

One of the first things to go on the wall is this sign, something I bought ages ago on a lovely day out with LH and fortuitously a perfect match to the green of the fireplace.

Next we are finishing off the paintwork in the Hall and then there is just the Living Room to do and then it's time for us to up sticks and actually move in. 

 Last Friday the tractor and all it's attachments was picked up by a huge low-loader and delivered to the new house, so back on the farm it's looking very sparse, I think I'll take the camera home with me and start snapping away at all the space there.

Oh well back to my mop, it's a cleaning up day today ready for painting the woodwork in the hall on Wednesday when I'm back here.

Sue xx


  1. I'm loving hearing about the progress you're making! shows how much can be done in a short time - love froogs xx

  2. Great minds think alike. You left exactly the things on your mantelpiece that I would have left. All looking good.

  3. Great sign. My neighbour has a similar one which says "HOME- a place of hopes and dreams"

    Unfortunately the first time I saw it - admittedly standing to the left, on the far side of the room - I thought the curly script said "of hopes and drains"

    The mantelpiece looks good with those few items too

    Lenten blessings x

  4. ...the change from house to home.
    Jane x

  5. I'm glad you are able to stay in the old place while you do up the new one. I'm sure progress would have been much slower had you been camping out in the chaos.

    It is looking good!

  6. Your progress is inspiring me to get my own 'much needed' jobs completed!

  7. Such a lot of work, but you will get there in the end :)


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