Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Settling in well.

The new girls are settling in well, they mixed without any complications with our flock bringing numbers up to an impressive forty five layers and Norman the cockerel. I say forty five layers but the White Stars, the oldest of the bunch are just about finished with laying now, maybe an egg each a week, they are the true Matriarchs of the hens and still claim their places on the top perches. The Pekins are housed separately within Chicken World and at the moment we have twelve although the little boy cockerels are off to market next week, I'm hoping that the others will welcome the girls into Pekin World without too much fuss.
They are all working hard at the moment clearing the raised beds and pathways of weeds and bugs and they are relishing the freedom, soon though, for their own protection they will be back behind their electric fencing. Foxes are being seen on the prowl and as soon as fox cubs are born they will take more and more risks to replenish their larders. ~
Yesterday our skies were buzzing with the sound of Chinooks. They regularly practice landing in the field behind our paddock, dropping loads and picking them up again, and as they swooped in yesterday two landing simultaneously, Lottie and Lulu came bursting out of their ark...obviously shocked out of a deep sleep and tore across the field ears flapping wildly. Once they saw just what it was that had so rudely awakened them they trotted back over. You should just about be able to make out Lottie on the right hand side of the above picture on her way back to bed.

And with a whoosh they were gone........til next time!

Sue xx


  1. When we lived in Lee on the Solent in the early 80s I loved watching the chinooks; despite their size they were incredibly graceful!
    Jane x

  2. Blimey my hubby would be watching them all day..he loves aeroplanes,helicopters fact i think i could get run over by a tank and he would probably ask what sort was it? him glad your new chickens are settling in well..they look happy and relaxed in their new home..
    take care

  3. Funny story - I was driving along, with my daughter, about two years old, in her car seat, when I pointed out the 'whirlygigs' flying over us, she piped up, 'those helicopters are chinooks mummy' - she alway did know better than me, thanks for dropping by - Froogs xxx

  4. Well that's a sight you don't often see, chinooks and pigs in the same photo.

    Your hen numbers make our eleven sound poultry (pun intended).

    Popping by from Charlotte's Cottontails!

    Sarah x


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