Thursday 31 March 2011

Come back Spring.......

What has happened to the weather, on Tuesday I was out there digging wearing just a t shirt, yesterday and today it's back to layers and layers of clothes just to try and keep warm. The skies are full of black clouds, but' luckily' the March wind is blowing SO hard they are whizzing past before they can discharge too much of their contents over the old homestead. Also whizzing past are the plant pots and trays that I was using yesterday......oops.... and if I'm not mistaken there goes my watering can!!
Potatoes now planted in this closest bed, all the other beds are now weeded and being left to warm up slightly. The cabbages that I overwintered in the middle bed have vanished!! Some little creature no doubt used it as his larder for the winter....serves me right for not checking them.

It seems like a good day to be in the polytunnel, so I'm off out in a minute, but first another coffee I think to warm my tummy, and while I drink it, a nice little journey around Blog land.

All these photos were taken on Tuesday when it was Spring! I hope you have better weather than us, although somehow I doubt it!!

Sue xx


  1. HI sue..its bloody cold here..very windy..but the sky seems to be clearing a bit and we are forecast sun..whoopee..hope its going to be nice this wkend we are off to the belton horse trials..i got some free tickets..hubbys is at the lottie with my only son builders in doing i'm off to the garden in a mo to clean out the chickens and sort the wendy house for tots to play in...i had contemplated getting some summer tops out the wardrobes but on second thoughts think i'll stick with my jumpers and cardys for now...
    love to you and yours..

  2. The weather here has been erratic too with cooler days and nights as we head towards winter, and then out will come a very warm day or two, and we nearly have to put the air conditioning on again. Wish it would make up its mind...

    Sorry to hear of your sad news regarding your family. Life is really hard sometimes...sending my best wishes to all.


  3. Perhaps the sunshine and warmth you had is heading my way???
    Jane x

  4. Hi Sue!! Spring has taken the week off here in Virginia too--cold and rainy and snow expected...I'd love to know where it's gone, and see if someone could convince it to come back to both of us!!

    I hope you've had an enjoyable day--I've tried, despite the weather! :-)


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