Friday, 4 March 2011

Pretty, pretty day......

My Lovely Little Shop in Ulverston - Cumbria.
Ooh...after sooooo much piggy love yesterday I have to turn my mind to other things today. I have a Craft Fair tomorrow in the lovely little village of Wheatley (The Merry Bells Hall to be exact 9.30 - 1pm). There that's the advertising out of the way......
Today I am making pretty, pretty things to give my stall a fresh twist. I'm still lavender themed but at this time of year with almost all of last years lavender harvest used up I add lots of little extras. I still have lots of silk flowers over from my gorgeous little shop and am using these and some gorgeous vintage lace that Lovely Hubbys Mum gave me to 'make good use of the things that I find' my cupboard. Did you see that.....I was almost a Womble!! ~
~ First thing to be made yesterday was this lovely little candle bundle. I had 10 candles left over and on their own they looked nothing, but with a fiddle and a play they now are pretty enough for someone to display them on a shelf or dressing table, and when the time comes they can still be used. Beautiful and useful.....William Morris would approve*.

Two bundles of five were quickly made up, so there that's the candles all used what else is lurking in the depths of my stock cupboard?

To go along with our Year of Living Simply I am trying not to buy any more stock until everything I have has been used up and sold. As Farmers Markets require that 80% of your stock is made or finished on the farm this fits in very well (I also apply this principal to my Craft Fair stalls). Almost all my 'bought in' stock from the shop was sold off at Car Boot sales over last Summer, so now everything I have left needs to be made up or added to by my own fair hands, something I love doing and a brilliant antidote to trudging round in pig muck!!

So yesterday and today are worlds apart and yet still based here on the farm. I'll be back soon with pictures of the stall, if you would like a peek.

Sue xx

* " If you want a golden rule to fit everything, this is it. Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful." William Morris 1834 -1896


  1. Hi sue i have that quote framed on my mantel piece..and i live by it..

  2. I did that for the fair I did last weekend - used up things I had rather than bought new.

    Good luck for the weekend.

  3. Have a good day tomorrow Sue :)

    Interesting (and good), what you say about the farmers market ratio thing.

    Just wondering, are you watching that 'want to be a farmer' program with Jimmy somebody on a Tuesday night?

    Love Charlotte

  4. We pretty up things in the charity shop - it makes all the difference. Those candles look delightful. Have a great day.


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