Sunday 2 July 2017

Mice with a Sweet Tooth ... and Saving Every Penny

Alan is partial to a box of these every now and then, this flavour and the others that you can get these Wheaties in ....

... and so it would seem are the mice that I have been catching in the net tunnel in our humane mousetrap.  It turns out this cereal is a favourite all around  ;-)

Nothing goes to waste here, and although I don't often buy boxes of cereal, when I do I use every bit of what I have paid for.  The cereal was obviously eaten, by Alan and the mice, the waxy paper inner bag was used to wrap the sandwiches we took to the car boot sale with us (it stops you spending the profits you make if you take a flask and sandwiches ... although this time Alan was totally captivated by a huge cream scone for £1.50).  So that left the cardboard, well that was easy ...four shopping list blanks and some little bits and pieces to pop into the fire-lighting basket next to the log burner.

While I was in waste not want not mode I cut up a just washed yogurt pot to make some plant labels to use in the plants that I sell at the car boot sales for 50p each.  After all if I have gotten everything for the plants I'm selling for nothing or just pennies then I am making much more profit on each one I sell and that's the name of the game from now on.

Sue xx


  1. Sue, you are so clever! Who gets most of the Wheaties? They do look more-ish!

  2. I adore those too so you can add me to Alan and the mice.

  3. I do the same with the cereal inner and card, but I don't have a fire so I the odd bits get recycled, I wish people like you and I would use there imaginations more then there wouldn't be so much waste. Good idea for the plant labels.

  4. I really enjoy seeing your thrifty ideas. Everything adds up, especially the pennies!

  5. I think I'm going to have to invest in a couple of the humane mouse traps next year so I get to the peas and raspberries before they do. I take them to the field and release them.

  6. Our friendship group is always looking for interesting speakers...would you be interested?

  7. I never realized that mice like that type of cereal. I will need to keep that in mind.

    God bless.


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