Wednesday 5 July 2017

Getting the Gooseberry Harvest In

We only planted our Gooseberry bushes, last year.  Well they were twigs really, cuttings taken from our neighbour Mary's garden and looking like dead things all Winter, so we were chuffed to little mint balls when they produced lovely strong shoots and branches early this Spring.  Every time we passed them on the way to the paddock we glimpsed the development of the fruit and kept our fingers crossed that they would grow to an edible size.

Well they did ... and more importantly we beat the birds to actually harvesting them for ourselves. 

Not the biggest harvest in the world but I was determined to do them justice.

So I stewed them briefly with some sugar, put them in the bottom of two glasses and left them in the fridge to chill for a while.  Then later when we were ready to eat them they were topped with Oatly vanilla custard and a packet each of crushed Biscoff biscuits.

Absolutely delicious.

It's all about making the most of everything we have from now on, and this use of our small crop was definitely the way to make the most of this years gooseberry harvest.

Sue xx


  1. They resemble grapes with stripes. Are they similar in taste?

  2. That's fantastic how well your gooseberries did when they were just sticks a season ago. We had wild ones growing around the Boise river, but I never tried eating them.

  3. Our gooseberry bush is 2 years old and hubby accidentally snapped a huge piece off! But we still had a reasonable harvest but lots of ours turned pinky red!

  4. I love gooseberries - As I am not a sweet person I like the tangy fruit, like gooseberries and Rhubarb. I bought some blackcurrant "twigs" from a discount shop earlier in the year but they are only doing "so so". They look like they have been eaten a little by something and have not grown that much (but they are still alive so I have hope - perhaps next year for fruit).

  5. Enjoy your gooseberries and next year the harvest will be lots bigger !

  6. I've never tried gooseberries before but I love what you did with them. I hope next year's harvest is even better for you. X

  7. We have had a bush for about 5 years but nothing seems to grow. Seems to get covered in a kind of caterpillar every year too so not sure if they are eating the fruit before it grows? We have had amazing raspberries though and pick them most days for our breakfast with yoghurt. Ive made a crumble tonight some apricots and plums that were very ripe and padded it out with some raspberries. We had a big bowl each for tea with custard. Delicious! X

  8. I have three bushes ( very old) which hang down from the graveyard into my field. I entered 9 in the flower show last year


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