Monday, 31 July 2017

Decluttering Has It's Benefits ....

Decluttering has it's benefits in so many ways, going through one of the kitchen cupboards the other day I found a jar of blackberries steeping in whisky. 

I must have put the berries in the alcohol when I picked them last year, and looking back over blog posts I didn't post about it so I'm not sure of how long they have been steeping.  But what I can say is WOW ... the taste of both the whiskey AND the fruit is divine!!

The berries were quickly strained through first the sieve and then through a clean sieve lined with muslin so no little bits would be in the finished drink.

The whiskey was bottled up into a nice jar and will be entered into the Llanrwst Show in a few weeks.

And the blackberries were added to a basic cake mix and tipped into two lined 1lb cake tins.

We were going to have a slice each of one of the cakes after lunch ....

... but we got a bit carried away  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. Sounds divine, not sure hubby would part with his whiskey but I'll give it a try!

  2. Oh wow, bet that cake tasted good. My son would love the blackberry whiskey xx

  3. Oh my! The Blackberry whisky sounds amazing, it's sure to be a winner and I bet that cake was divine. X

  4. You should have kept it for when you get a cold Sue . but then you are so generous

    Love You MUM XXXX

  5. Delicious on both counts I am sure and even better for being a surprise!

  6. Ohhh do you know we have a bottle of gosh-awful whiskey in the drinks cupboard. One of those dirt cheap paint stripper types. This could be just the idea I need to put it to good use!

  7. Blackberry whisky? Normally I think that scotch is vile, but blackberry flavoured. Might tempt me.

  8. That sounds very good indeed!


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