Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Show and Tell

I realised when I was planting up this planter that I totally forgot to do my usual ... and now very customary ...  'show and tell' after my garden centre bargain hunting expedition with Mum last week.  And it's almost time for another one ..... although I suspect that the bargains will have all gone now  :-(

Last week after our spot of lunch we grabbed a trolley and hit the aisles with an open mind.  I quickly spied a Wisteria marked down to half price (and then it was reduced to 70% off at the till),  and knowing how expensive Wisterias usually are I was really pleased to snap this one up for just £7.49,  it had originally been sold at £24.99.  I also bought two ground cover plants for just £1.49 each and a shock horror .... full priced Gerbera at £3.99, just because it's lovely shade of vibrant yellow looked so good with the other plants in the trolley.  I just love anything vaguely daisy-like  :-)

It doesn't look much at the moment especially from a distance, but in years to come I hope the Wisteria will be trained around the column and then hopefully fan out either side almost at roof level along wires, to soften the front of the garage space with a froth of pinky creamy flowers and foliage.  Fingers crossed!!

I also bought two of these.

With it's copper banded bottom edge to keep slugs out and fine mesh sides to hopefully keep out all other 'nibblers', my crops on the top most raised beds on the Veggie Patch should be safer.  And with a zip for easy access so you don't have to unpeg it all the way round to get things out it should make life easier.  That it was reduced from £29.99 to just £9 made my day...... so I got two.

Lovely Hubby said I should have got half a dozen ... but then he likes buying anything in bulk!!

Click on the photo to be able to read more about it.

They also make very good Pug traps  :-)

Sue xx


  1. Great Bargains, we have two Wyvales here, I didn't get much last week just 9 cabbage plants for 50p , I must go to the other one some time, for the summer clearance.

  2. I'll bet that pug would soon find a way out! I rather fancy a few of those myself - they look really good.

  3. It's a perfect tent for a warm summer's evening

  4. Our Wisteria is prolific and spreads everywhere. We pull them up and plant them where we want them.

  5. I love all your bargain reports. And I REALLY like your Wisteria's planter. It reminds me of some of the Celtic work I saw at the Celtic exhibition at the British Museum.

  6. Wisteria is one of my favourites but we don't have a place to plant one, sadly. The tub is beautiful too and I can see the value of the Popadomes, brilliant idea.

  7. Wisteria does not grow here and I just love it. I can picture yours growing and looking absolutely perfect. Great bargains.

    God bless.

  8. Before long that wisteria will be climbing and twisting its way upwards. Ours is 14 years old and is a brilliant display along the verandah when it's in flower. I adore Gerberas and anything daisy like too. Money well spent I say. :)


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