Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Leek Seeds, Strawberries and Washing

Watering in the net tunnel last night I spotted these lovelies all in a row and couldn't resist getting a quick photo of them.  

The leeks all went to seed in the intense hot spell we had a few weeks ago, my fault really I should have over compensated with lots of water but with them being in the net tunnel I forgot.  Still all is not lost, I used some of the leeks that I had to pull up for soup, the ones that weren't too woody that is and these I left in situ to develop into flower heads which will soon be followed by a mass of seeds that I can sow next year.

Also manically sending out runners for the next generation are the strawberries.  Someone asked me about strawberry runners so I'll nip out and get some photos and do a post about them tomorrow.  

 Now I have to brave the intense heat of the sunshine to go out and peg out some more washing, it's lovely in the cool of the house, but it's also lovely getting all the bedding washed, dried and back on the bed in the space of a few hours.

Sue xx


  1. Our leeks went to seed last year - it is so annoying after all the trouble of planting them individually and they are usually one or our most successful crops.

  2. I hid my leeks behind the kale which has kept them cooler.

  3. The leek seed heads are beautiful aren't they, as beautiful as flowers. We've got a few too.

  4. I have been washing like a maniac. Curtains, quilts the lot!


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