Thursday, 16 April 2015

I Shouldn't Be Eating This .......

I followed a recipe the other day, a nice simple recipe .... just three tablespoons of Coconut Oil and two tablespoons of sugar, mix together and decant into a little tub.

Just like this.

The only thing is I shouldn't be eating it ..... because it's face scrub!!

It works a treat, just rub it all over your face in a circular motion and then rinse off.  It's worth rubbing your hands together a bit as well as it's a wonderful exfoliator for hardworking gardeners hands too and leaves them feeling and looking lovely and soft.  The only thing is I licked my lips and found out how absolutely wonderful it tastes  .... so I licked them again, and again  :-)

A sweet treat for my face my hands and my tastebuds.

Sue xx


  1. Tut tut, sounds nice though!

  2. I can imagine that it tastes great! Should work to keep your feet nice and soft as well

  3. Oh Sue, this made me chuckle :-) x

  4. No face scrubs for me thank you, but doesn't it leave your face sticky?

    1. So ... you're not a 'new' man then Kev!!

      No it leaves it lovely and soft, not sticky at all and even rinses off with just cool water. Coconut oil - miraculous stuff :-)

  5. Lol! I'll have a go at this, will taste it but, since losing weight my face has 'emphasised' wrinkles and I'm sure this will help smooth them out and benefit my hands. I just hope I don't get addicted to eating it!

  6. Sounds lush, I would struggle to resist as I love anything with coconut. I clean my grubby hands with lemon juice, oil and demerara sugar, works a treat and I am never tempted to try it, would not put it on my face though.

  7. I love things that do more than one task - exfoliates your face and is edible - what's not to like!! Will be trying this. (Mrs LH)

  8. Probably won't freeze but would be a great icecream.

  9. Always nice to spoil ourselves with something fun.

  10. Coconut oil is so good - I use it for cooking - especially good in curries.


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