Sunday, 11 January 2015


Books, I love books and so it seems does Ikea.

Follow this link to take you to their YouTube channels latest advert, making a slight mockery of the Apple advert!!

I loved it.

Sue xx


  1. Love it! Have shared on Facebook, even though I'm typing on my iMac. It's absolutely true though.

  2. Saw this a while ago and absolutley love it. :o)

  3. Yeah! Love it. We have lots and lots of book books in our house.! I need a close up to see what titles are on your shelf.

    1. I'll do some close ups in the next few days :-)

  4. Oh yes, I love a book book too!

  5. We've collected books for years and even have those that my MIL collected. Some are very old, some children's books from hubby's days as a youngster.

  6. Bookbooks are the best, though my husband and I share an ereader. Also, when you see someone's bookshelves you can get a sense of who they are by seeing the titles and subjects.

  7. Haha, great ad! I'm a huge fan of bookbooks and have lots, especially the ones with recipes in :)


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