Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Live Below the Line 2014

I'm wondering at the moment whether to sign up for this again.
I've done it a couple of times, each time slightly varying the way I approached it.  For instance one year I simply went with supermarket basics, another I carefully priced all the homegrown stuff that I had purposefully stored away in the freezer from the season before - that year I felt like a cheat, but my decision to do it that way was to highlight how cheaply you can feed yourself if you grow your own food.  I surprised even myself and I think it inspired me to carrying on growing our own food.
Last year I didn't take part myself but was asked for advice on how I would have done it if I had been taking part.  This was my response.  I was happy with that one, and for a brief moment I was so disappointed that I wasn't actually doing it myself as I thought it was a good plan.
Photo: How many of you have experienced that awful moment when you realised you've left a bank card at home? Or can only pay by cash, and you don't have quite enough? If you were hungry, what would you do? 

It's difficult for us to imagine how it feels to live on £1 a day for everything: food, drink, rent, healthcare, clothes, education and more. Take the challenge to live #belowtheline 2014 to understand a bit more, and to raise money so nobody has to live this way. Together we can beat poverty. 

So now as the press surrounding this wonderful Challenge steps up a gear and news begins to trickle around the internet I am tempted to do it again.  Of course I have lots of time to think about it, as this year the Live Below the Line Challenge runs from April 28th - May 2nd and they have a wonderful website up and running SEE HERE with lots of really helpful downloadable information and meal plans with shopping lists, including one rather ironically called 'The Lazy Sue' !!
Of course I would have the added dilemma of which Blog to use as my daily diary for the five days, either this one or my other 365 Days - £365 which I still update daily.  So I have quite a bit of thinking to do and of course if I do decide to go for it I also then have to choose who do I raise money for?  There are such good charities to choose from and each and everyone of them need money I think a cup of coffee is in order and a bit of quiet thinking time.
Are you tempted to do it this year?
How would you spend your five lonely pounds?
Which charity would you choose?
 ...... And finally if you were me which of my two Blogs would you put it on?
There now you've got some thinking to do, should we have a coffee :-)
Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue, I am very tempted to do it. I didn't sign up last year, but did do the challenge, making a donation to Jack's attempts instead of raising money myself. I may do a similar thing this year, as I really enjoyed it. I would probably do it in a very similar way to last year, as it worked quite well, having pasta, bread, vegetables and a few tins of basics such as tomatoes or beans and cheap basics sausages or bacon, but I might include rice if I did it again. I need to look back at last years efforts and consider what I might do differently and then think about what I could get for my money. Thanks for bringing this year's challenge to my attention.

  2. Let me know if you decide to do this again and I will link to you. I've just been over and read all your posts for the five days of the challenge and you did really well. It seems easier from an experience point of view doing it a second and third time, but it's still very difficult.

    I think also with food prices having risen so much we will possibly get less for our money if we decide to go ahead this year. :-(

  3. Hi Sue, I'm thinking about taking part this year. Got a couple of questions about it tho. Firstly would I be able to start buying things now to put away for it eg if I saw some reduced to clear items could I buy them and freeze them. Also if there is a two for one offer can you use just one item and halve the cost? xx

    1. I'm not the one to ask really. I think if you click on the links in this post and send an email to the official website they will be able to help you more.

      If I do it this year I will go out just the week before armed with my £5 and see what I can pick up in one trip, although I will have a look through mysupermarket.com to check which shop will give me the most for my money. At the moment Sainsbury's is looking the best and they are recommended by the Live Below the Line page as a fairly trading supermarket compared to some others.


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