Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Spare Bedroom

We are so lucky every room in the house has the most amazing view.
 This is the view from the newly decorated spare bedroom window, framed by our lovely new curtains.  These curtains are at every window in the house, we just fell in the love with the pattern, the simplicity of the heading and of course they contain our favourite shade of green.  In fact the colour of the paint we had mixed was taken from the mid green leaf in the pattern.  I went to Homebase armed with a cushion cover in the same design and they had the machine scan the colour and made it up for me.

This was an easy room to do, once the insulation had been pushed up and laid in the loft (the hatch is in this room) we set to and painted everything white, cleaned the blackout blind left by the previous owners and put it back up and then put up our new curtain pole, bought to match the brushed steel rings in the curtain header (every room has these poles too).

Our new lightshade, which is green of course and matching bedside table lamps, which although bought from different places, co-ordinate perfectly and to my amazement buying things at the right time for once were bought at knock down prices from Dunelm and Sainsbury's respectively.  The bed is our old spare bed brought from home which currently has it's normal bedding on but which soon will be resplendent in brand new bedding, when I find the cardboard box it is all packed in.
This bedding was bought way back in 2004 when I kitted out my very first home after my divorce and has been in constant use since then, I truly did get value for money.  It was bought in the sale at Debenhams, two sets both at half price and although I have updated the sheets every couple of years the pillowcases and duvet covers have lasted really well, it just shows that it is usually worth buying really good quality bedding when it is on offer rather  than cheap sets that fall to pieces or go bobbly in the wash after a year or so. Once we find the new bedding this will be washed and donated to a local charity shop and then hopefully someone who really needs it will benefit.
So in this room there is just the new bedding to go on and then some of our pictures and photographs to go on the walls to make it feel even more like home.  We did this room as a priority so we would have a lovely refuge to come back to after a day's labour and it worked wonderfully.
Sue xx


  1. The room looks stunning Sue, and what a view! I love the green curtains too, and I love the way you're using your theme throughout the house :)

  2. The curtains are lovely, Sue. I am really enjoying all the pictures and reading how you're getting on with all the decorating and furnishing, thanks so much for sharing it with us. I know lots of people (me included) don't like to show and tell, so it makes it all the more special that you do.

  3. Those curtains are lovely - really echo the view.

  4. It must be so nice and exciting preparing your forever home. We love where we live but when we bought it, only expected to be here a few years due to DB's job making him move around so often. Now, we are slowly but surely changing things in it ready for our 'golden years'!

  5. Another lovely room Sue, green is one of my favourite colours too but the slightly greyer celadon.

    I agree with you about buying quaility. I have a quilt cover set I bought in 1990 and its still going strong, it was one of the Dorma Country Diary sets that were all the rage after the book came out. I did have 2 sets but recently donated the earliest set to the charity shop for someone else to use. I also had the curtains, a friend of mine had them, they did not fit the windows in the house we had, but did fit hers.

  6. Hi Sue
    I'm really loving your posts on your new home. It looks beautiful. Did your Mum move yet?

  7. My goodness, you two are working hard! Full of admiration for you both and a tad envious!
    Love tht green (s) too.
    Not long now 'til you are fully moved?
    Hope the weather is kind to you this weekend.

  8. A beautiful window, simple yet stylish xo

  9. Even your "old" bedding looks right. I really like the solid border at the top of the drapes.

  10. Gorgeous & fresh; simple & stylish.

  11. Another beautiful room with a view Sue!

  12. It looks great Sue. I hope you and yours are all ok? Been thinking about you with all those trees around...we had our neighbours huge beech tree in our drive this morning :(

    Take care my favourite blogging couple :)


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