Tuesday 29 October 2013

Simple Little Things

The simplest things bring a smile to my face, like Lovely Hubby remembering last week when he stayed at a posh hotel before a works conference that I needed a new shower cap.
Not for my head in the shower ... now that would be much too normal in this house.

I needed it to use in the kitchen when I'm making bread.

Popped over the bowl while the bread is having it's first proving they are amazing useful.  Of course I immediately set to and made him a loaf of bread to say thank you.
The kitchen supplies are slowly running down here, the storecupboard and the wall cupboards at last have lots of space, true a little bit of it has gone to the new house, but most of it has been eaten.  After weekends of non stop decorating the last thing I have time for here is shopping so we have literally been living out of the cupboards and the freezers and yes, there is lots of room in the freezers too. 
 In fact so much room I can once again imagine LH getting fed up with me, bumping me off after a stressful day at work and storing my body in the deep dark recesses of the chest freezer.  I think I have been watching one too many CSI's  and Criminal Minds, thank goodness there's a Bake Off programme tonight, lovely Mary and Paul showing us how it should be done  :-)
Sue xx


  1. Love your posts Sue and read them very day but don't think I have ever commented. You are living the life I would love to live and may yet when our last two children finish university. Who knows....I am the practical one in our household and I think my lovely hubby worries about what his role would become if we relocated and became more self sufficient. I grow a lot of what we need in the garden in the summer but haven't cracked the winter crops yet. I gave up paid work earlier this year so we are learning to live more frugally and it has been a mix of liberation and culture shock... Oh and thanks for the Bake Off heads up...I watch so little TV that I hadn't realised there was one more after the final last week...happy days. Hubby is attending an evening event with work so now I will have something to watch instead. Good luck in your new home it looks wonderful.

    1. Seemingly there are four more programmes, two this week ... tonight and tomorrow and two next week, with our favourite 'pros' showing us how things should be done. I'm looking forward to them, I only spotted them by accident in the Radio Times this morning.

      I hope you get to live your dream we did, by simply stopping the 'we wish we could do this when' and going for it then. I went from being a shop owner to being a smallholder within the space of three months. Your roles develop over time as you find your strengths and weaknesses, it turned out I had the green fingers and the natural and much needed frugality and LH had the physical strength and the logical and mathematical mind to put plans into action.

      You may want to continue following the Blog next year as we will be beginning from scratch with the new house and land, and the first post of the New Year will be a complete re-cap of our story.

    2. Oh exciting about Bake Off :) I cook from scratch including bread, so it is one of the few programmes I watch. We have committed to stay put for the children for the next two years (hubby's job willing) and then have made it clear that at 58 it will be our turn to start chasing our dreams, though I admit I find it hard sometimes to imagine myself moving away from my children (four) and grandchildren (2 so far, that i care for every Friday) as our dream is to go to Shetland. I shall watch and read with interest to see how your journey develops...hubby and I are not averse to holding hands and cliff jumping....it's what we did at the beginning of our relationship (2nd time around for both of us) 21 years ago and it's amazing what you can achieve together when you believe and trust in each other. I have nothing but admiration for what you are achieving

    3. What a lovely comment, I love your attitude. Thanks for the compliment too she says *blushing* madly :-)

      You'll have to come and stay once we move into Phase 2 of our plans and pinch lots of ideas.

    4. How very kind of you :) Ironically my Grandparents were Welsh speaking farmers but gave up farming and moved From North Wales into a town on the welsh border when my father was 5 so I have 50% welsh blood and will follow your new move with great interest. I don't think I have ever known exactly where the farm was that my father first grew up on....I must ask!

  2. I may tune in to watch a bit of bake off, but truth be told I would rather read about people doing it for real, on a strict budget and coping with everything that life throws at them. Your blog is a great read and very helpful, I divide my reading between "real life" and sewing and crafting blogs. My live is very real and I love to sew and make things. I also grow a major part of our food so read some of that in the "real life" divide. I look forward to reading you and am full of admiration for how you have chased and caught your dream.

  3. I read you blog every day, just now I am using my trusty panasonic bread maker, it does make good bread. I have a problem with making bread in the kenwood, I can never get it to turn out of the tin, so if I make bread that way I usually do a 'freeform' batch like loaf.

    I will tuck away the shower cap tip in case I do ever go back to hand baking bread, I must admit I would have a job in this small kitchen, I have very little work surface to actually work on. I suppose I could ask DS2 to make me a board to fit over the burners on the gas hob, that might help a bit.

    I am looking forward to you actually making the move.........

    By the way I used one of the cards you kindly sent me for my Grand daughters bithday, as it had a picture of lavender on it, it was very appropriate, I had made her lavender bags.

  4. "LH getting fed up with me, bumping me off after a stressful day at work and storing my body in the deep dark recesses of the chest freezer"

    Yes, a very dangerous time, you wouldn't be missed at the old address because you'd moved out, and you wouldn't be missed at the new address because you didn't move in.
    Ideal time to bump you off, you wouldn't be missed for ever such a long time; are the insurance policies up to date?

    1. You've really thought this through haven't you, you'll be giving him ideas ;-)

  5. I was a little careless whilst using my stick blender to make soup, and my CSI-watching husband thought the kitchen was covered in Blood Spatter!!
    Our Sainsburys have Carrs bread flour on offer this week so I have stocked up

  6. I left the shower cap but took the little bottles of shampoo & shower gel from our hotel in Palma recently...a great use for them here !


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