Thursday, 17 October 2013

Old Trees

We had the tree surgeons in last week we had no choice ...
.. the tree that was over the lovely little Wendy House had come down so low over it, it was literally inches away from crashing through the roof ... who builds a gorgeous (and expensive) child's dream under a tree with such a dangerous slant ... our landlord that's who!!
Half a day later it was in slices.  Poor tree, I hate to see decades and decades of growth gone in a few hours.
The gorgeous old Apple tree in front of his office is no more either, it crashed to the ground itself a couple of weeks ago, and while he was here the tree surgeon made it all safe and chopped the wood into transportable logs for us to take to Wales.
It will burn well in a couple of years and Apple wood smells divine as it burns, but it's sad to see two lovely trees gone.
Sue xx


  1. What a shame...I feel your pain. When we moved into our house (almost 20 yrs ago), there were 5 HUGE maple trees all estimated to be over 100 years old. Sadly we are down to 3 and one should really come down before it comes down on the house, half of it is dead. I miss the shade and beautiful colors. I do, however, do not miss the massive amount of raking we used to do.

  2. It is sad but like everything in nature, including us, it is all about recycling. It lives, it dies/comes down, is burnt for warmth or turning into something useful, and hopefully any ash will be used in the garden.

  3. I have the same qualms here. In an unkempt woodland though, thinning allows the trees you leave to thrive with the benefit of all that extra light.

  4. I know just how you feel we lost 10 trees in the gales the winter before last and now we are left with a wide open space. We probably won't see the trees we replant grow to such a size in our lifetime now!

  5. Shame the trees had to come down, but they were both unsafe so no choice really - the little wendy house is so desirable!


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