Thursday, 3 August 2017

Peas, Mice, Blueberries and Shows

The peas haven't been brilliant in quantity this year but we've enjoyed enough for a few good meals.  This pea pod shows the standard of the peas we got from the ones that were available a week or so ago.  Sadly there are no more to go in the freezer but we do have a few more pods developing on the outdoor plants, the ones in the net tunnel have unfortunately all been eaten by mice, so I've pulled up the dying plants to make more space for the Strawberry runners.

Talking of mice, we've been using two humane mouse traps to catch the mice, releasing them unharmed after a good snack ... which they have now figured out how to get out of.  The last few days when we have checked the traps there are no tasty treats left ... and no mice!!

So now it's a case of them or us and sadly I have had to use poison pellets in the traps instead of the usual tasty treats  :-(

Even though our pea crop is coming to an end with no supplies to see us through the Winter, the Blueberries show no signs of dwindling.  This was one of the first pickings a couple of weeks ago, which unfortunately I didn't weigh ...

...this was a week later.

These were picked when we got back from the Royal Welsh Show last week and yesterdays smaller picking was taken for Mum, as was one other picking a few weeks ago, and of course we've been eating lots ourselves, either when we're out working or a small picking to go in a dessert or smoothie.

This week I have purposely been avoiding picking off the middle Blueberry bush ... the one with the biggest juiciest berries ... as I wanted to enter a bowlful into the Trelawnyd Show on Saturday to support blogging buddy John Gray, now (because I forgot to tell him) I've just found out that my Lovely Hubby has been snacking on them ... naughty boy!!

Talking of the Trelawnyd Flower Show, today I am going to start getting my entries together to save a last minute panic on Saturday morning.  The first year I entered I managed to get two Second places for my tomatoes and potatoes, last year I improved slightly with a First for my Orange Marmalade and a Second for my Green Tomato Chutney.

How will I do this year?  Well I have no idea, the fruit and veg growing has been a bit out of time, the mice have been a pain, but I'm going to put my best foot, and marrow,  forward and do what I can. 

At the very least we are going to get a good day out  :-)

Sue xx


  1. I read somewhere that when you release mice, it has to be more than 2 miles away, else they find their way back! Right pest aren't they?

  2. I had a mice problem with my peas. I never saw any of the little critters only the chewed empty pods they left behind.

  3. There are lots of village produce shows on Saturday - must be a popular day for them. Good Luck in the Trelawnyd show. Sadly we are too far away to pop over!

  4. Those blueberries look divine. Good luck at the Trelawnyd show. I hope it's a very enjoyable day for everyone. You'd better warn your LH that if he's staying at home now, he had better behave himself. Hope that you do a post on the show - I love village shows but unfortunately don't have any around here in Stockport.

  5. Our cat is an excellent "mouser" - I wish she'd leave them alone though!

  6. I would love those blueberries. Best of luck with the show!

  7. Those preserves look tasty, I can imagine one of them with some good Cheddar... good luck at the show!

  8. We have just purchased two small blueberry bushes and I look forward to prolific pickings like yours come our Oz summer. Great to see you entering in your local show. It's the entries that make the show!


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