Thursday, 24 August 2017

A One Day Challenge - Updated and Complete

I'm having a 'spur of the moment' One Day Challenge  :-)

We're hoping to do a Car Boot Sale on Saturday weather permitting, so my Challenge to myself today is to declutter from the house ten items every hour on the hour until 5pm tonight. 

By the end of this mini declutter-athon there should be seventy more items to add to my car boot sale boxes, more space in the house ... and hopefully at the end of the sale on Saturday more cash in my purse.

I will take a photo of every hourly ten and try and get back on here to upload .... just to keep myself on track. 

I better go now it's almost 12 noon and time for my second ten of the day.

12 noon





Yep. I finished early ..... 5pm's little collection.

Has anybody else, when decluttering, had an overwhelming urge just to get rid of everything.  Sorting through my wardrobe I just wanted to lift the lot out and price it up .... and start from scratch with a minimal collection.

I'm fighting the urge .... I'll go and put the kettle on instead  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. Gosh that is a challenge, good luck!

    I'm just popping in to confess I've spent the last few days reading your blog right from the beginning (I'm sure I should have been doing something more productive, but I've learned *so much* and I was pleased to see you occasionally do that with other people's blogs too!) Really enjoyed reading about your adventures.

    We're in the process of (fingers crossed) buying a house in the country with several outbuildings and 11 acres of land. I've secretly harboured smallholding dreams for years, but my partner hasn't, and we weren't looking for somewhere with land, this was just the right house and a happy coincidence. I'll be working full time for the foreseeable future so no animals (other than rescue chickens, hopefully). But a steep learning curve!

    Just about to subscribe to your blog - I'll be starting a brand new one of my own when we move (fingers crossed, again...)

    Jenni x

    1. So it was YOU reading through all the old posts, I wondered! Well done on the mammoth read ... you must have square eyes by now :-)

      I wish you lots of luck with your purchase, I hope it goes through smoothly, it sounds absolutely brilliant. It was this time four years ago that we were in the process of buying this house and land ... but you'll know that having read through the entire blog!! You have so many adventures to look forward to.

      When you start your blog let me know I'll give you a mention and a link up so me and lots of my lovely readers can come over and have a nosey.

    2. Ha, yes, that was me! I do indeed have square eyes, and stayed up far too late and skived off far too much work, oh dear! I was biting my fingers nervously when you were waiting to move, even though I knew you got there in the end!

      Aw, you are sweet offering to link to my new blog. I've been waffling on (sorry, blogging) for years now (I logged in with the existing address to make this comment) but this will be a big move so needs a new blog - I'll certainly keep up with yours and let you know when we move!

  2. Wish we lived near to where the car boot is!
    Bagsy the 2 chicken egg cups and the cat egg cup!!
    OOh and also the riddle and a money tree would be nice!!

  3. Good luck Sue - what a good idea. Hope you get all your items by 5:00pm. Also, good luck to Jenni on the above comment. What a fantastic adventure - would be really interested to know how she goes on. So hope everything goes to plan Jenni and look forward to your new blog.

  4. That's quite a challenge, you have a busy day ahead. Hope the weather holds for your car boot xx

  5. definitely drastic! A challenge indeed

  6. That made me laugh, fancy getting rid of your spiralizer. I am having a sort out, we are having a stall at a show on Monday, for the cat rescue.

    1. I didn't get the word verification. I am deleting spam all the time.

  7. Great challenge! I've noted the instructions and maybe just maybe I'll get on and do some more decluttering too (not today tho, its almost bedtime!!). x

  8. I've just gone through this myself as a friend was having a yard sale a few weeks ago and asked if I'd like to join her. I said yes but thought that I'd be hard pressed to find a lot as I've been de-cluttering for the past couple of years. Boy was I wrong! A friend came over to help me take everything over and we filled the back of his pickup truck plus the area behind the seats in the cab! But, as you say, once I got started I couldn't seem to stop! Made $176 so it was worth the hard work.

  9. Good job. I don't know that I could do that every hour on the hour so kudos to you.

    God bless.

  10. Good luck with the car boot, what a great idea doing this challenge I am going to do the same I think, set myself this challenge for today, not sure how many items I will do though, we are selling a the weekend as well. I shall report my findings on my blog.

  11. Congrats on meeting your challenge goals. I'll take the bread pan off your hands ;) Besos Sarah.


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