Friday, 18 August 2017

Green Corners, Work Corners

This is a bit of a post of two halves, firstly this little green corner of our land that I love ...

... it's literally just a tidying up of a corner, to the left of this photo, that we tidied up a couple of weeks ago. 

A few large stones neatening the edge in front of the of the tree, back filled with compost from an old planter and planted with some wild flowers and daffodil bulbs.  We neatened up the archway into the woods and moved the 'little shed' as it's called from it's old position by the oak store to the left of the arched entrance..

I couldn't resist a little curtain at the window after cleaning the glass.  It's only an old tea towel cut almost in half and then drawing pinned into place, but it gives it enough of a cute look to satisfy my occasional girly cravings  ;-)

Another corner we've been tackling is this 'storage corner' in the polytunnel.

Once you start a corner like this it grows under it's own steam and you actually forget what's in the boxes at the back so it was time to do something about it.

Another corner bugging me was the other end of the workbench where I do my seed sowing and potting on.  The plant pots and trays were taking over the space, gradually getting messier and messier.  So I came up with a plan to sort out both corners in one fell swoop with just a bit of saw action required by my lovely hubby.

I'll be back with photos of the finished result once I remember to take my camera over with me next time I visit the tunnel.

Sue xx


  1. I love 'corners' too. Unfortunately, I have far too many!
    J x

  2. Your "Green Corner" looks very intriguing - Can you walk underneath the bit that looks like an arch? I will be interested to see what you do in the polytunnel. I only have a small greenhouse but it gets so messy with plant pots all over the place. It's one of those jobs that I keep putting off (tidying up the greenhouse) but once you have done it you feel much better.

    1. Yes, to the left is our storage, bonfire, oak stack and access up the hill and to the right is our main woodland.

  3. Sue you truly amaze me with all you and your husband do. I so love seeing what you are up to and hoping I will get the "bug" too.

  4. Once I start tidying I end up throwing stuff away. You've just reminded me I need to do my shed.

  5. It all looks so nice and tidy. This is how I intend my bungalow to look when I have moved into it - but time will tell.


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