Saturday, 1 October 2016

Still They Keep Coming

I've come to the conclusion that I must have paid for a two year subscription for Kitchen Garden magazine as the copies still keep landing on my door mat with the free seeds attached.  This months, or should I say Novembers edition, also has a free 'seasonal harvest and cooking' booklet with it.

I've not even read last months yet ... which is really this months as it's the October edition ..... are you keeping up, so this one will be adding to my ever growing reading pile.  I don't like it that magazines publish so far in advance and it gets even worse at this time of year when they are all gearing up to a Christmas holiday and have to get their January editions in the shops as early in December as they possibly can so that the magazine staff can get some sort of holiday at the end of the month.

Hopefully though as the harvesting slowly winds down a few gears there will be more time for cosy nights in reading and I'll begin to catch up a bit.  It's already dark by 7.30pm here at the moment, and the nights are drawing in even more with each passing week.  The clocks will be going back an hour at the end of this month and then it's the time of year I love, with the curtains shut and the log burner and candles lit the evenings and time to sit down are much longer and it doesn't feel as though I'm working right up until bedtime.

Is your routine changing with the ever decreasing daylight and the changing weather?

Sue xx


  1. I, too, seem to have an ever-growing pile of magazines still in their plastic covers, awaiting my attention, but I guess the darker evenings might lend themselves to more reading hours.
    My routines changed drastically when I lost my beloved dog a few weeks ago - walking alone just doesn't cut the mustard and all the old routines which invoked responses from Zac, are hard to bear. I should be grateful that I don't need to go out in the rain and wind, but the alternative is lonely misery in the warmth of my house. I'm trying to start new routines . . .

    1. Sorry to hear about the loss of Zac, they leave an aching hole in your heart when they leave us. I bet you would love one last wind and rain swept walk.

      Take care xxx

  2. AaaaaaaGGGGGhhhhh you mention clocks going back.......Hate it!

  3. Your description of cosy evenings by the woodburner does sound good. I must admit I find the passing of summer hard, I should get into Hygge too and learn to relax.

  4. I feel it. Luckily I have a parrot and large cage.


  5. I love the new magazine 'modern gardens' not because my gardens modern but because it's a more visual magazine, not much reading to be done lol.
    We have a log burner too but I have to admit to hating the ruddy thing. I do not look forward to winters cleaning it out and storing wood in my dining room though I admit it does make for a cosy atmosphere :0

  6. It's the opposite season here but I must say I love autumn best even though it is spring now. Spring means vast amounts of grass to manage now that I don't have any horses here to graze it for me!


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