Saturday 22 October 2016

Eggs and Followers

We got a cute little egg the other day, one of the girls obviously not in the mood for a full sized version.  They are no good for eating as there is usually only white in such little eggs, the hens body simply hasn't released the part that develops into the yolk but usually something goes through her system picking up the white, the shell and the bloom on it's way out .  

It's not really going to be eaten or for sale, but I popped it briefly into a box to compare it to the others  :-)

I'm off out now to pick up my creosote brush and get stuck in with Lovely Hubby to finishing off the workshop cladding.  It needs to be finished this weekend due to the colder, wetter weather and also due to the fact that I'm sick to the back teeth of the smell of the creosote.

A massive thank you to all those of you who joined in with the fun of getting my Follower numbers up, and congratulations to John on getting his to over the magic number of 1000, he's currently standing at 1001.  Sue who's also in the game is now at 419.  It's been a bit of blogging buddy fun.  Thank you.

I was only aiming for 800 so I was really pleased to shoot past that number ..... it's just that now 900 is only 18 away .... so any more of you that haven't joined in please feel free to do so  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. I buy mixed free range and they are very varied in the box.

  2. Wow you beat me and John by a mile!
    I've already lost one - gone off in a huff or something? so down to 418 :-(

    1. Col has just worked out how to click on your followers to push it up by another 1!

    2. I hope he clicked on yours too ;-)

      I think we need to step away from this obsession pretty soon or we'll be going crazy :-)

  3. I love the tiny egg. It is so cute !

    cheers, parsnip


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