Wednesday, 19 October 2016

So THAT'S Where the Mint Went .....

I've always been a brilliant Mint grower, it's one thing most people with even mildly green fingers can grow.  It rampages through the beds, borders and generally takes over anywhere that you set it straight into the soil and not in a pot.  The front bed Mint has done it's usually prolific job of taking over the flower bed by the front door.

But I was wondering what was wrong with the mint that I had potted up near the house.  All Summer it has been a bit straggly, a bit sparse and totally non-useable by us for any recipes.  In fact it was only still there in the vain hope that it would somehow miraculously recover and do what mint does best.

Then I spotted a certain Ginger guy nibbling away the other day.

I guess he thinks this one pot of Black Mint is his own personal snack treat ... and has done since the pot appeared in his line of vision.

Once he saw me watching him and taking photos he sloped away licking his lips as if to say 'oops caught out'.

Sue xx


  1. Can understand cat eating mint but Polly dined on courgette leaves - very odd

  2. It's very good for the digestion, maybe he had a touch of IBS? ;-)

  3. From that last photo, it looks as though 2 more little ones are exploring the possibility of a tasty snack. What's good for the cat, is good for us, too!

  4. I can't have house plants any more - waste of money as the cat eats the leaves and kills them. Neither can I have vases of flowers within her reach as she pops her head in for a drink at every opportunity she gets!! Strange.

  5. Mint is related to catnip, maybe that's why he's been so attracted to it... I am planning to sow some catnip next year for my beasties to enjoy :-)

  6. Nibbles and widdles too most likely! Had no idea cats liked mint, makes sense though!

  7. How odd. I have never heard of a mint-eating cat before.

  8. Our cat seems to stay away from the mint. She would much rather eat the grass.

    God bless.

  9. Hello Sue! I have been reading your whole blog from the very first entry to this day... Bit of a journey, have to admit (I'm not native English speker/writer so I did put my Google translator in good use) it has took me a couple of weeks.

    I have shed tears for your hens, cockerels, Sophie, Toby, Archie and of course for little Charley (I knew something had to happened to her because she wasn't in the front page, but still I cried). Happy tears for Mavis (after crying after her when she vanished over the hill... I used to have a dog like her, never off the leach - the one time he got off he ran away with our neighbour's dog and they got arrested by police patrol and jailed (in kennel).) Emotional me? never...

    I've got a severe polytunnel envy (I might get one of those someday, but in the meanwhile I have to get along with my tiny greenhouse and an open field), extreme level of nut and almond tree envy - we hardly have apples and damsons here up north, and some years even they end up freezing and dying.

    I have been confused a couple of times about some things - for example, it is completely normal from where I come from to raise your own vegetables, but not to have any animals. We don't have country fairs or car boot sales, but we go and pick berries and mushrooms from forests...

    I admire what you have done, and I admit I could never do the same thing - too lazy, me. By he way, the new colour of your house is lovely!

    Now I'm off to add some wood to my new wood burner (I managed to burn out our old burner, well, it was odd 40 years old anyway) and return to your other blog "A year without..."

    - Ulvmor -

    1. Wow ... what a journey, the whole blog in a couple of weeks, that's quite a reading session AND it's not even in your first language .. Well done 😊

      You're most likely more up to date with the comings and goings of our lives than we are. There is a button at the top of the sidebar that should translate the whole blog to any language you need, to make reading it easier in future 😊

      It's been a few years of love, laughter and hard work, but I hope you agree there was lots of fun along the way. Xx

  10. Are not our furry friends so funny. They are a hoot.

    cheers, parsnip

  11. Our cat cannot get enough of our catnip plant. Mint - nah, she turns her nose up at it...


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