Tuesday 25 October 2016

Just a Day

The mornings are so much darker now, we should get a bit of a reprieve when the clocks go back at the weekend, but it won't last for long.  It's not a bad thing for me I don't have to travel for work, so I find the dark mornings quite soothing.

I get up while it's pitch black, let the dogs out for a toilet break ... not all take me up on the offer, Suky has the bladder of a hippopotamus.  Then the kettle goes on, and while I wash my hair it comes to the boil ready for that first reviving cuppa of the day.  I feel no guilt sitting over a leisurely coffee (or two) on these dark mornings.  No jobs can be done outside, and with the dogs back in their beds and snoozing it would be so wrong to do any inside and disturb them wouldn't it ;-)

At the first glimmer of light I go over and open up the henhouse, sometimes they complain as they consider me late, other mornings all I get is the odd one coming down the ramp with much stretching of legs and wings, glad to be off the perch and back in action. 

To see a chicken having a good stretch and eager to get out and about to catch the early morning worms and bugs is good for the soul, how much different are their lives to those of caged birds and even commercial free range birds who's doors are not opened until much later when eggs have been laid on the conveyor belts to make it easier for the farmer.

After a doggy (and pussycat) breakfast we roam the paddock checking all is still well with our little slice of the world.  The dogs dashing here, there and everywhere.  Rosy caught another rabbit yesterday, her third in three days, she despatched it quickly but left the body where it had fallen, so soon after breakfast no doubt there was no room for a rabbity feast (phew).  As we left the house this morning I spied the buzzard taking flight with a section of bunny, and by the time we walked over all that was left were picked clean bones and a flurry of fur.  The wild birds ate well yesterday thanks to our over zealous Jack Russell.

It's blogging about these little aspects of our days that fixes them into our memories ... vital for Lovely Hubby who has the memory span of a gnat with amnesia ... but also lovely for me when so much is whizzing through my head on a daily basis, to have things in black and white, and the minutiae of our days recorded for posterity, with pictures.

We went into Betws y Coed the other weekend, Lovely Hubby treated himself to a ridiculously expensive bar of chocolate ..... so I got a pair of jugs from the little vintage stall.  They didn't cost much more than the chocolate ... but as you can see they lasted longer!!

Sue xx


  1. I to am enjoying the darker mornings at the moment. I am always up early, before the chooks now, so it's nice to have a relaxing cuppa before the onslaught of the day. I totally agree about the caged/farmed chickens. When I see my 3 "demolishing" my garden I always think how happy they look and that's what it is all about!! Love the little jugs. Kind regards, Louise S

  2. Moving house will mean room for more jugs for me! Love those two (and room to keep chickens again too - shop eggs are UGH)

  3. What a cute face for the dog. Beautiful tea cups!

  4. The dark morning are very hard for me to handle, will be relief to have a little more light to ride in!

  5. Beautiful Pug and Beautiful Jug's x

  6. So true about the record provided by blogging. Such a precious archive, especially one so beautifully written x

  7. I have never had the pleasure of seeing chickens stretch! I would love to see that. I do buy free range eggs though from a lady in the next village who has chickens.

    1. They do it so well ... one leg out to the back at a time and then wings out in similar fashion. A big stretch then a flutter and a fluff and then wings are arranged back in position ready for jumping down and looking for worms.

  8. Look at Suky's dear little face. I like the jugs. We seem to have them break quite regularly.

  9. It is the little things that make our life! Love the jugs, though I'm awful partial to chocolate too.

  10. I like what you picked up...really beautiful and Suky is always cute!

  11. How could I possibly take in any part of your post when I was so enchanted with that absolutely glorious pug at the beginning? I was, as usual, totally smitten.

  12. Those little jugs are so cute. What a glorious find.

    God bless.

  13. We have become increasingly dependent upon photos from the iPhone to remind us what we did, and on which day. I'm not sure whether it's laziness that leads to the memory failures, or the photos are increasingly an aid to the memory of gnats, which do you think?
    I love your gentle blogs - I could see those lucky hens stretching their legs on the ramp! Thanks Sue

  14. It's lovely to read about your day and I totally agree that blogging is a great way to get those memories down forever x

  15. Hi Sue, I hope you don't mind. I linked to this post on my own blog.
    Thanks. Jayne. x


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