Saturday, 27 February 2016

Soggy Suky

"I'm not looking into the camera ..... just look at what Dad's done to me, I'm all soggy.

I know ... I'll rub myself all over the bed to get dry ...

... I don't think Rosy is very happy with me rubbing myself on the last dry bed, well she should have a word with Mum ..... fancy putting all the others in the washing whirly thing at the same time!!

Ooh that's nice, Mavis can lick me dry ...

... or I can shake.

ooops ... now I'm all dizzy.

I'm still not looking at you Mum!!

Will anybody out there help me they gave me a bath .... I don't like baths"   :-(

Suky xx


  1. Bless her she is so cute. Needs must. Shh don't tell Missy (our Jack Russell) but she has the same fate in store a little later. We have to use specialist Vet shampoo on her as she has a skin problem £28 a bottle) ouch. She has a habit of rubbing all over the pet beds too to get dry. You just have to love them.

    Take care



    1. We had to use that shampoo, yes ouch at the price, for our Border Collie Sophie, but thank goodness all our pooches are now 'Head and Shoulders' users just like us :-)

  2. Poor Suky I feel your pain. Every time I find some thing squishy and dead to roll on, mum tricks me into the bathroom with a treat. Then she tries to drown me and covers me in 'orrible stuff that smells of flowers Yuck! Love and woofs, Len x

  3. Oh Suky - I adore baths. Dad baths me in the wet room and when he opens the door I dash out and tear up and down the house, having a lovely time and scattering water everywhere. Then Mum brushes and combs me and for about ten minutes I look rather attractive - that is until I decide to roll in something again. But really, some smells are just so exciting that I can't help it. Love Tess

  4. Oh Suky..... you look absolutely gorgeous and smell divine. Perhaps Mum or Dad might give you a good girl treat - especially if you give them one of your 'hurt' looks. What a shame Mum put all the nice fluffy towels in the wash (paws crossed it doesn't give Mum ideas to put you in with the towels next time!). loving licks. CMW xx

  5. Oh Suky, you are lucky it's all over and done with for a while - you do look fabulous.
    Well, since she's read this, we reckon our Mom will decide it's high time we had another bath too - and we only had one at Christmas ! The good thing about it is that we don't have a bath - just a walk-in shower, so she has to get in with us too, and Dad has to lean on the door the door so that we can't escape !! It's great fun - and Mom gets all covered in the horrid anti-parasitic shampoo she uses on us, the glass walls get covered in dog hairs, and then we shake it all about, and go mad up and down the hall. Then we get lots of rubs down, and try to find something nice to roll in again....
    Love from Petite-Chose (I know it's a fancy name, but I'm French, and you should see my Kennel Club name - oh boy!))and Inca - two slightly pongy Labs.

  6. One very tidy dog! Our dog Lucy used to hate having a shower/bath, she would hide and sulk for hours.

  7. Isn't it amazing how dogs can do really good sulks when bath times comes round, but give them a dirty puddle or a stream and they are in seventh heaven !

  8. Haha! Poor Suki. I feel for you. Why do peoples think it's necessary for dogs to smell of roses like them ? :D
    I wouldn't know where to start with our big lumps of greyhound-look-a-likeys.

  9. Oh Suky, we know you didn't like your bath, but you are even more gorgeous now. Be thankful you are not a human, most of the ones we know have a bath or a shower EVERY DAY!!! We would hate that.
    Lots of love Max & Lizzy.

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  11. Adorable x Dillon smells so bad after rolling in dead seagull !

  12. Well Suky, you clearly aren't a 'water dog'! So we do understand your anxiety.

    Our Kiwa - a Goldie - loves her shower, with Oatmeal and Chamomile shampoo, which she has in our walk-in shower, and then plays chasing games all around the house in the highest of spirits while draped in pink towels! I must say she smells wonderful for a couple of days - until she goes to Doggy-Day-Care and gets mouthed playing rough-house games and come home ponging again.


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