Friday, 12 February 2016

Not Much Going On .... or is there?

There's not much going on here at the moment, well that's how it seems.  The solar electricians are still here doing the final 'things' to the battery back up system but from any minute now everything will be finished and we will be running on solar energy virtually 24/7 with back up if needed from the National Grid .... but not if I can help it ... it's time to be even more careful with our electric and start earning some money to pay for the system as soon as possible  ;-)

So I decided to look back at this time last year and see what was going on then ... that's the beauty of blogging you have information and pictures to refresh your memory.  

It seems it was much colder with many more frosty mornings, a water drinker inside the henhouse to keep it from freezing so the girls would always have a drinkable supply. 

Frozen feeders not quite so much of a problem but I did always check they had a good supply as  chickens appetites increase as the weather gets colder to keep them warm enough.

The re-roofed conservatory was all finished, although around the house we still had loose slate on the ground as the tarmac was laid right at the end of the month.

But inside was all finished and looking good.

Away from the house work was yet to properly get underway on the drive, garage and workshop, although the polytunnel and net tunnels hoops were in place.

Then deliveries started, these are the concrete rings that form part of our soakaway system.

In the house it was warm and cosy and I blogged about our books, showing all the various shelves and stacks of books around the house.  The collection grew even more over the course of the year, but will not be added to at all this year, for the duration of the Challenge.

And in the spare room Ginger had found a cosy nook to call his own  :-)

We've come a long way this year and looking at these photos and others I've been looking at it shows how much has been going on to set up our future way of life.  Now the set up is almost complete it's time to actually live the life we have planned for so long,  and this year will all be about continuing to put more and more of  our plans into action.

So there may not seem to me to be much going on, but I guess in the overall scheme of things there actually is.

Have a good weekend, and let's hope the weather is a bit kinder to us all.

Sue xx


  1. It's good to look back as you can see how far you have actually come. I think your homestead is wonderful and hope that you will really enjoy living your lives there. What an achievement!! Looking forward to your future adventures. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire.

  2. You have accomplished so much in just one year!

  3. I'm sure there's lots going on. Just look at what you have achieved. Perhaps you should have another 'look back' next year on this date.

  4. I remember reading your blog & seeing those pictures and cannot believe it was one year ago! :-o It's lovely looking back to see what's been achieved and, whilst you are fed up and tired of the noise and mess and upheaval, you must feel both proud and pleased that you're near the finishing line. Have a good weekend. CMW

  5. I'm sure the pair of you never sleep, I'm exhausted just reading xxx You've come such a long way xx

  6. You both have the energy of a couple MUCH younger! I'm sure the list of your accomplishments over the last year would require several pages. Well done and carry on (you can keep calm too, only if you want to!)

  7. I can't believe the year has flown so fast but you have accomplished so much. I envy your solar power, we are not allowed to have even one solar panel here and our bill is around £600 a year. I'm looking forward to what you will be doing this year :)

    1. I'm glad we HAVE got solar power .... our bills were just under £400 a quarter!!

  8. It is one of the fun things about blogging being able to look back easily and see what you did when isn't it. xx


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