Friday, 24 July 2015

Todays Harvest... and a Days Food

After shocking most of you with the top picture on yesterday's blog post I thought I better show you all how we really eat.  Yes, we have some of the crisps, nibbles and even the occasional chocolate bar, usually dark and homemade, but from time to time the odd bought one slips in, but by and large we eat direct from the polytunnel, which is where all of the above food, except the peas which grow just outside the doors, come from.

The Spinach is harvested every few days, washed, spun dry and then laid on kitchen paper and stored in a stayfresh bag in the drawer in the fridge.  This forms the basis of my Nutriblast each and every morning.  A lovely healthy start to the day and one that stands me in good stead in case it all goes downhill from there.  But it rarely does. 

Lunch, as indeed does most meals, usually features some form of Courgette, here I was frying them with some garlic and radish as a topping to some our our gorgeous crunchy lettuce leaves.  Simple but so tasty, and all I needed that particular day after being on my knees weeding the polytunnel for a few hours.

The  courgette plants are producing well, and up to now I've been eating enough to keep up with the supply but  soon there will be more than we can eat on a daily basis and it's then that I can start harvesting, chopping and freezing so that when the plants die back we can carry on eating this lovely vegetable for as long as possible.

My tea is usually salady .... and occasionally fish based.  

Here I had salmon on some homemade coleslaw with half a homegrown cucumber, another plant I'm just about keeping up with.  (Cucumbers and courgettes are also going into my morning Nutriblast.)

If I'm peckish at supper time, I'll have something simple.  A quick scrambled egg with some freshly picked tomatoes is good for supper or breakfast, and is always a lot more filling than it looks.

So despair yea not, I have not returned to the 'darkside' and started eating processed and packaged foods.  Most of what we eat has no food miles, it comes from mere yards away and is produced with my own fair hands.

You didn't really think any differently ..... did you?

Sue xx


  1. Green foods, my favourite.I could eat salad everyday.

  2. Beautiful, all those colours. And there are so many ways to make different salads, I never get bored!

  3. Your tunnel is definitely the key to all these wonderful harvests, I am more than a little envious :-)

  4. Now that looks like a lovely days food :)
    Nothing wrong with being tempted to the dark side occasionally as long as it's not too often. I have one secret bar of chocolate hidden which I dip into every now and again. It lasts me a month normally.

  5. Looks so healthy & very fresh x

  6. That's more like you :-) I am envious of all your home grown food. We have such a tiny space that we can only grow in tubs. Every little bit I can harvest is enjoyed.

  7. Lovely pictures, and so happy that your pollytunnel is helping you produce such lovely veggies.

  8. Ah - real food. I wondered if I was reading the right blog yesterday!

  9. My courgette and cucumbers are a let down. I don't know what I'm doing wrong :0 ( everything else is good.

  10. I rarely took any notice of the Approved Food blogs.anyway as most of the stuff wasn'rt vegan. Contrary to popular belief vegans don't just eat vegetables hence my struggles with weight. I am lucky in that I love all fruit and vegetables, not so lucky that I like just about everything else as well!

  11. So Cool :) It really is great that your food has zero food miles on it ..... makes me think back to my grandparents' farm in Sussex where EVERYTHING came from their land .... fruits, vegetables, even the meat. My grandmother was THEE BEST COOK EVER ..... I loved her food.


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