Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I love it when .....

....  my breakfast almost matches the accessories in the kitchen

I felt yuk on Sunday night, it serves me right I ate some ice cream, there was only a bit left in the tub and I thought I would eat it to avoid temptation ..... weird logic, totally bonkers logic ... I know!!

Well within ten minutes my gurgling tummy told me off, and I felt more than suitably chastised.  SO ... I made a plan to spend lots of time this week getting myself into a healthier and more logical frame of mind.  First thing first .... the food.

Well not much food actually as I decided to give my poor old tummy a rest and have lots and lots of nutriblasts.  Based mostly 50% on vegetables and the rest fruits, nuts and seeds.  The above was this mornings breakfast.  There wasn't quite enough spinach really but I couldn't face traversing the mud mountain to get some more, I'll stock up again when the builders finish at the end of today and I can get to the polytunnel.

My nutriblast matched the now empty gift biscuit tin (eating the contents of this also caused me tummy troubles), and the biscuit tin that contains dog food, it's nice when your meal matches the kitchen isn't it .... I guess I wouldn't say that if the kitchen were grey or black ;-)

And yes, in my kitchen don't expect the biscuit tins to contain biscuits or the bread bins to contain bread .... every peek into a tin is an adventure!!

Meanwhile outdoors ...... the now half entombed water tank.

From a different angle .... still not that interesting eh!!

The oofa doofa thingy ma jig ..... that I have been reliably informed is actually a filter to stop debris ending up in the water tank.  This will obviously work so much better when the great big bl**dy hole around it is covered over with the manhole cover   ;-)

Making my way back over the mountain my footprints were already filling up with water.

Did I ever mention I HATE MUD!!

*** *** ***

I'm escaping today (I typed this out last night) and having a girly day in Manchester with Mum and her big sister Chris.  A bit of Trafford Centre browsing, a girly lunch and no doubt we will put the world to rights.  While back at home in Wales the builders will continue to wallow in mud and build some more of the front wall, and the dogs will be languishing in our local kennels for a day and a night, don't panic they love it there, last time they got totally pampered with baths for everyone AND they will get to run on grass for the day instead of mud. 

A happy day all round ..... and we all need some of those  :-)

Enjoy yours. 

Sue xx


  1. Have a good mud free day out !

  2. We have dust here rather than mud, still almost no rain, that's nearly 4 months now

  3. Is your water collection tank to be used for household water as well, I only ask because I was sure you mentioned it was just for the garden and tunnel, but cant find the post now, it seems a very big tank just for watering with, I have 4 IBC tanks each holding 2000 lt and there is more than enough for livestock and watering, so I wondering what you were planning for all this water :-)
    Have a nice day out :-)

  4. I really don't blame you wanting to escape the sea of mud. That's the only drawback of living in Wales. Enjoy Manchester.

  5. Enjoy your day in our lovely home city! Thanks so much for your congratulations, I don't know else to reply. I'm thrilled as you can imagine. Have a great time with your mum and aunt!

  6. I know your breakfast is healthy, and that you don't eat meat, but I have to be honest, I prefer a bacon and egg butty!

  7. Don't think many of us have grey or black kitchens?

  8. Have a lovely day. Essex is till dry as a bone! Its tried to rain 3 times so far today but its drying up as soon as it hits the ground.

  9. I have mud as well right now, Sue. But the landscaping will begin soon, and all will be a memory.

  10. You can get dairy free ice cream in sainsburys, from holland and barrett and from any Jewish deli. I have tried to make almond milk ice cream but it didnt work

    We have also had lots of thoughts about water harvesting.

  11. ha...first glance I thought you were mixing paint! Get some porridge down you. That stuff looks revolting.

  12. ha...first glance I thought you were mixing paint! Get some porridge down you. That stuff looks revolting.

    1. I do like porridge, but not as much now that I can only have it with Almond Milk, I'll probably get back to it in Winter, but honestly these drinks are just so tasty I could live on them AND I feel so much better and brighter when I have them.

  13. Enjoy your day off, an escape from the mud :)

  14. Nice smoothie. Green are my favourite kind. I had kale, cucumber, avocado, apple and lean green protein powder today.


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