Thursday, 16 July 2015

Green Powder

'Legaleagle' asked me about the 'green powder' I mentioned on the Nutribullet post the other day.  So I took this photo of the jar of it in the cupboard to show her as I couldn't remember what it was properly called.

Image result for holland and barrett, green powder

Then I went in Holland and Barrett today and had a look at the packs on the shelves, and guess what it is called ..... 'Green Powder'  :-)

It struck me as I took the photo of the cupboard how things have changed in my cupboards over the past few months.  There are products in there that I wouldn't have dreamt I would be eating a few years ago.  Although the 'Bisto' is a constant.

The gap at the front is usually filled with this jug full of tomato and garlic pastes.

Sue xx


  1. I have the same jug!! :-)

    My cupboards are gradually evolving too as I've changed my eating habits this past year.

    1. Haha ... you sound just like me!! I love it when I spot something I have in someone else's house or cupboards.

      It just shows what great taste we all have :-)

  2. Thanks very much Sue, I'll pop into our local H&B to pick some up.
    Breakfast this morning was spinach, nectarine, banana, pineapple, mixed seeds and a few goji berries. It was a little strange having 'green sludge' for breakfast, but it tasted great, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    I'm looking forward to experimenting with different combinations, and hopefully dropping a few pounds of useless flesh too!

  3. Oops, also intended to say, you and I have the same Marigold Bouillon powders and Nutritional yeast in our cupboards. I use coconut oil too, and get that from Costco, two big jars at a time. The smell of coconut oil melting in a frying pan is SO wonderful!
    The cream coloured basket also appears in our house, but on a shelf in the bathroom, where it holds eye make up remover, facial wash, and cleansing cloths!

    1. Coconut products, oil, milks, creams etc are all on offer in H&B at the moment too, so it's a good time to invest in stocks for the next few month. I got a kilo each of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds too, also on offer. The only drawback is I don't get to use my vegetarian membership card to get my 10% off when there are already other offers on, if only I could combine the two :-)

  4. I bought sunflower seeds from Grape Tree in Chester on Wednesday, £4-00 per kilo. They were out of stock of pumpkin seeds though, so I'll pick them up from H&B, along with green powder! Maybe not today though, as I have a line full of washing and a very dodgy looking sky! I might just stay home until the washing's dry and brought in!
    My Nutriblast this morning was spinach, lettuce, banana, raspberries, pear and assorted nuts/seeds, very tasty!

  5. I think many food cupboards are radically different to what they were just a few years back. My parents would have problems in recognising a lot of my foodstuffs! Curry powders? Chia seeds? (Used in my Nutribullet smoothies). The Nutribullet? Breadmaker? Seeds? Peppers? So many foodstuffs that they had never heard of, let alone put on their grocery list.


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