Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Both Winning

I mentioned on my Blog post the other day that Simon, my eldest son was taking a truck to the Carlisle Truck Show on Sunday along with some of his work buddies.

Well guess what ......

... he came FIRST, and one of his mates came second!!

All that primping and cleaning and making sure the trucks were at their very best was worth it.

Well done Simon.

Another winner on Weight-loss Monday was me ..... I know I'm a day late again!!  

Going down, but nowhere near enough to see me at 12st by my birthday, oh well I'm doing my best. But one more pound gone this week, so I'm happy.

Sue xx


  1. A loss is better tan a gain, they say if you lose it slowly its more likely to stay off, well done to you and your son :-)

  2. Well done both, my husband learned to drive in a truck at the age of 17! I only lost a pound this week despite increasing my walking last week but 5 pounds lost is better than 5 pounds gained!

    1. Yes, Simon has been driving HGVs since he was 17, he got all his licences in the army and was a Tank Transporter Driver. He still specialises in the really heavy and abnormal loads.

  3. Can't beat a nicely scrubbed truck, or trucker!

  4. Congrats to you and Simon and his friend. That truck looks like it would be fun to travel in!

  5. Congratulations to your son and as to the weight loss, you're still going the right way! X

  6. Well done all round - or not so round!

  7. Well done Simon, and well done Sue. You must be well chuffed

  8. Well done on both accounts. (P.S. I treated myself to one of those chicken note books today on our visit to Clumber Park where we live (National Trust)!!) (Mrs LH)

  9. Good job on the scale....and congrats for the truck win!

  10. Slow and steady is the best way according to the experts. Congratulations.


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