Monday 1 April 2013

We're Back !!

Me and Suky the Pug have returned from our travels.  We met up with Lovely Hubby mid week last week and he shared the tail end of our holiday.
Fortunately for him he missed .....
... waking up to snowy mornings, going for riverside walks until I lost all feeling in my face and had to spend ages thawing out back at the lovely little holiday apartment.
He also missed the gale force winds that re-designed parts of the caravan site, ripping the roofs off some of the older vans, sending television ariels plummetting to the ground and re-distributing the sheds that weren't fastened down as securely as the others.  A couple of lovely old trees had to be cut down as they fell onto caravans, fortunately no-one was in them at the time.  The guys on the site did a brilliant job in terribly dangerous conditions to make sure everything was as safe as possible.
I spent my days catching up on reading, exercising to my 'Slim in Six' Dvds and going on many, many doggie walks, either along the riverbank and round the caravan park or along the lanes to the nearby village.   The first walk each day was at 6.45am, it's nice to start early and have the peace and birdsong even in the cold. 
I also watched a lot of television, unusual for me but with the bad weather outside it was nice to curl up on the sofa with mugs of hot chocolate or coffee and simply relax.  Of course I was joined even in this by my lovely little holiday companion.
She loves animal programmes, and growls and 'talks' to them, watching every movement with rapt amazement.
This was what she was watching this time, a programme about tiny, tiny pets!!
We visited the nearest town and spent some pennies wisely on interesting and useful books, I always try and support local charity shops when I'm on holiday.  Usually I donate the books back at the end of the break but I didn't get round to even starting this one, so it came home with me.

Watching tele again ....
... this time a programme about Alpacas.  She's turned into a proper tv addict, maybe it was that the tv was on the wall and caught her attention more than ours at home, or maybe it was simply that it was switched on more often :-)
We also had a daily visitor. 
This little chap came to admire his reflection in my wing mirror every day.  Jumping around and flapping his wings determined to get a grip and do a little dance in the mirror.  He was obviously more than a little in love with his own reflection!
It's been a good break and totally lovely that we ended it together and went to stay at Mum's for a couple of nights, managing to fit in a viewing on a potential property while we were 'up north'.  It came to nothing unfortunately, it was literally a shack almost at the very top of a steep hill and totally unsuitable, although Mum bravely joined us in the ascent, clambering over fallen trees and five foot high snow drifts, so we are currently back at square one, looking for the property of our dreams, the one we will grow old in together, just us the pets and the chickens ..... and maybe a goat or two or even a sheep or three and most definitely a number of rare breed pigs.
One day we will find it, our elusive forever home.
In the meantime it's nice to be back.
Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue, it is lovely to have you back, I am sure we have all missed your daily postings, but am glad you have had the chance to 'recharge your batteries'. I guess from your comments about viewing another house, means that the one you were trying to buy near Boston has not worked out, that is such a shame. The property market is a real roller-coaster, but keep faith, you will find something, probably just when you do not expect it!! Anyway, great to have you back. Alison B43 XX

  2. Hi Sue, I am not sure exactly where you are hoping to move to but if it is anywhere vaguely north I vote for North Lincs, inexpensive. quiet, Lincoln is beautiful. Not so many people too which I really like. No doubt I will now learn that you are searching somewhere in the north west! Thank-you for blogging I enjoy your posts so much.

  3. Showing true British spirit there. Glad to hear you enjoyed the break, but sorry you havnt found your dream home yet!

  4. Glad you are back safe, sound and refreshed, if not alittle windswept!! Your forever home will come along when the time is right!! Kind regards Heather

  5. Lovely to have you back... wow staying at that Caravan must have been unforgettable.

    We too liked popping into the local charity shops on the way. I bought 'another' book but I am trying to get through them so I can pass them on..

    Did you learn anything from the frugal book?

    Sorry to hear that the house wasn't right..your forever home will be perfect!

    Sft x

  6. Hi Sue, Its so lovely to have you back, I hope you are feeling energised and raring to go, even if the weather was a little raggy!! Shame about the house you went to view, the right one will come along, just hang on in there. Love the photo's of the dog watching the tv :-) my cat loved the snooker and would sit on the top of the tv trying to catch the ball in her paws.

    Hope you will be passing on a few more tips once you have read your new book.

    Karen x

  7. Welcome back! Where's my stick of rock?
    Jane x

  8. Glad to see ya back. Yeh, North Lincs is a good place to live, or even just Lincs.

  9. Welcome back, you've been missed x

  10. Welcome back! Glad you had a lovely restful time.

  11. Welcome back. Glad that you enjoyed your break, even if the temperatures weren't really playing along in holiday mode.

  12. I missed you and am glad you're back.Happy frugalling.

  13. Welcome back and best wishes going your way to that forever home.

  14. Hi Sue and welcome back! It sounds like a much needed (and enjoyed) break x

  15. Looks like a lovely relaxing time was had - I will keep fingers crossed for the 'one' to appear in an estate agents window soon!
    BH x

  16. nice to see you back check out these for rural property near here!

    1. Thanks for these links they looks really promising :-)

  17. Welcome back! I hope you are successful in finding the property of your dreams!xx


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