Friday, 19 April 2013

Two Very Lucky Girls

Today is my birthday and I've been a very lucky girl.  Two gorgeous bunches of flowers, a basket full of fruit, CD's chocolates, candles .....

... and two books that I wanted the minute I saw they'd been released.
And yesterday a mooch round the charity shop while I was in the village posting off some parcels, which yielded three more books, two for me and The Wild Gourmets for Lovely Hubby.

You can't beat a nice stack of books on your birthday.    Or can you ......

... my best birthday present .
On Wednesday Mother Hens Poultry, where we bought our new Skylines last Sunday, put an appeal on their Facebook page for a new home for a little ex-battery hen that had been dumped over their fence in the night and left to fend for herself.  How could I resist, I was straight in with an offer of a new home for the poor girl. 
What a thing to have to go through, to be 'rescued' once and then for the rescuer to decide that no, you're just not good enough and to then unceremoniously dump you.  At least she somehow survived the night, amazing as where they are is a known fox run and all their hens are securely locked up at night to protect them, during the day it is alive with people as they live on the entrance to a popular tourist destination in these parts and so the birds are safe.
She is in a sorry state with all her under-carriage completely bare and lots of missing feathers from her back.  They had briefly put her in with their birds but she was mercilessly picked on, chickens instinctively peck at 'red things', so they removed her and let her free range in their garden for the day.  Yesterday morning I went and picked her up and now she is to spend the rest of her days with us.
Growing feathers back is a natural thing for chickens and they simply get on with it with no fuss, you do have to watch how you handle them as to push the emerging feathers the wrong way can hurt the bird (imagine a splinter sticking out of your skin and you pushing it the wrong way), but they do need good nourishment while they go through this process and some supplements help.
My first job was to spray her all over her 'red bits' with antiseptic spray, it has a purple dye in so you can see that you have got it in the right place, so now instead of red bits, she has purple bits, but this also serves to stop other birds pecking at the sore spots.  You can't see from the following photos but the whole of her rear end is now bright purple, poor girl.
She made herself at home immediately and made friends with Archie the cat.

After a drink from his bowl ...
... and a handful or two of sunflower seeds,

she was ready to join our other new girls out in the Eglu.
Meeting our only other surviving rescue bird (an ex commercial free-ranger) Gorgeous Girl who is also a Hyline hen through the bars, once she's fully feathered they should be almost identical. 

This is how she should look when she is fit and well and all her feathers have grown back.  Another good thing is that having this lovely new future companion has given Gorgeous Girl a whole new lease of life, she has spent the last week looking as though she was losing the will to live, she is after all our eldest and most hard working of hens.
Lets just hope they get on without the mesh to separate them, here they are playing the 'I'm a bigger stronger chicken than you' game.
Oh, and by the way I've called  her Angel, after all she's survived death twice and she is also absolutely angelic, with a lovely friendly temperament.
So two very lucky girls in this house today.
We've an exciting weekend ahead and I'll let you know all about it on Monday.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend yourselves, fingers crossed for some sunshine :-)
Sue xx



  1. Happy birthday- enjoy all those fabulous gifts, and have a lovely day! Hope Angel fits in happily with you
    blessings xx

  2. Happy Birthday Sue, hope you have 'an exciting day' and lucky Angel has you to care for her and bring her back to health. They could have just taken her back openly.

    1. Once a 'caged chicken' shed is emptied all the birds that are not re-homed are sold for pet food, so no going back there. Who would want to anyway!!

      Mothers Hen Poultry, where she was dumped said they have this happening to them frequently, they would rather someone was open and let them know if they have a bird that needs a new home and they would help to find it one quickly.

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day and Angel settles in. Poor little chicken - I'm glad she's found a good home with you.

  4. Happy Birthday! Have a great day and enjoy your gifts - love the fruit basket!

  5. I intend to keep chickens but need to go on a course first, we only raised rabbits when I was a child and then cockerels for the Christmas market. Perhaps that was the problem with her previous owner, enthusiasm is great but you need to know what you are doing. Happy Birthday, your fruit basket looks yummy.

  6. Happy Birthday. You have some lovely gifts. Have a great day and a super weekend.

  7. Have a very Happy Birthday Sue!

  8. Poor thing, she looks in a bit of a sorry state but I know she's got a good home now and she'll be as gorgeous as Gorgeous Girl in no time at all. How heartless to just dump her like that, as you say, anything could have happened to her, and after all she's already been through. Happy birthday, you've got some wonderful gifts. I like you're cd's, I've got a similar taste in music. Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.

  9. Happy birthday Sue and Happy New Home Angel! xx

  10. Happy birthday to an old chick, and much love to a new one!
    Jane xxx

  11. Happy Birthday Sue, have a wonderful day. You have some lovely gifts and a lovely new friend, hope she settles in nicely.

    There is a virtual card on my blog for you :-)

    Karen x

  12. Happy Birthday Sue,You have some lovely gifts.Have a fantastic weekend

  13. Another name to think up.

    How about Lucky ?

  14. Happy Birthday! Good on you for rescuing little Angel. I am sure she will be very happy with you. x

  15. Happy Birthday and welcome to your new day xxx

  16. Happy Birthday Sue, Have a lovely day and great weekend - cannot wait to hear all about it!! X

  17. Happy birthday Sue and welcome to sweet Angel - hope she & Gorgeous Girl make good friends !

  18. Happy birthday and welcome to Angel :)

  19. What alovely story, with a happy ending!! Happy Birthday to you too Sue. Looking forward to next week's news!! Kindest regards

  20. Happy, happy birthday from Bend Oregon ... today is my granddaughter's 20th!

  21. Happy Birthday and lucky Angel to have found you!

  22. Happy birthday Sue & a lovely new chicken. When I am set up properly my plan is to have three ex battery hens.

  23. Happy Birthday!
    Lucky Angel getting such a lovely new home xx

  24. Happy birthday Sue!
    Oh poor little Angel - but she'll be right now that she has found a home with you :)
    Judy xx

  25. Penblwydd Hapus/Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Love Natalie xx

  26. Happy Birthday Sue and welcome Angel. Bless you for caring about those poor birds. Joy

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Angel is lucky you took her in. :)

  28. Happy Birthday (or in Angels case Happy Bird-day). May you both have many more. :o)

  29. Happy Birthday!

    please tell me, do you love your eglu?

  30. You are certainly very lucky girls.

    Happy birthday Sue!

    I hope you had a great day.

    What wonderful, thoughtful presents.

    Sft x

  31. I'm a little late but Happy Birthday Sue! I hope you're having a fantastic birthday weekend.


  32. A Happy belated birthday wish and what a wonderful thing you did rescuing Angel the chicken. I do hope you're enjoying the weekend.

  33. A Happy birthday and what a lucky thing for Angel that people like you are around

  34. Happy Birthday -- you're chickens are obviously as kind and friendly as you are so that is one lucky bird!

  35. What a beauty and how blessed she is now. Happy birthday, belatedly.


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