Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Sunday Job

I dashed out while the skies were blue and the sun was shining to get a couple of photographs of this mornings little job ... filling up the bed LH and Simon made last week with the old sleepers.

It looked like this at 10am .....

...and then like this by 12.

We started off with the two trees from the large pots by the front door and then added the contents of all the pots that have stood patiently waiting by the polytunnel for over a year.  There's not a lot to see yet but once the Hostas get bigger the bed will be pretty much filled to capacity.  Any little gaps that seem too big will be filled with some of my small pots of Lavender, the Ariculas or the Primroses from my other pots.

Meanwhile over by the front door without the two trees in their pots on either side it's looking very bare ...

... first thing this morning it looked like this!!

 It made me wonder when we got the two trees that have moved house so many times with us in their various pots, and it turned out that they first made an appearance at our back door at Jointers Farm way back in April 2009.   We will buy a couple of bags of compost and get some replacement little trees for our big green pots next time we pass the local garden centre and then start all over again.

Sue xx


  1. Those beds made from the old sleepers look fantastic, your LH always does a great job on all the projects around your home, everything looks so,professional.

  2. I'm having to learn about gardening for my project at work, this could end up being hilarious

  3. Looks really lovely. Good to see not only are you productive gardeners but make it beautiful as well. When I look back you have both done amazing things there.

  4. Looks absolutely beautiful, those two trees will romp away now with all that space. like you I love my pots, here in Cornwall it's been so dry, I have had to water my pots twice this week already. Love looking in and seeing what's going on, especially your little furry friends.

  5. Looks so lovely and green. Your posts always inspire me.

  6. Your door looks very pretty

    Julie xxxxxx

  7. So well done, looks like a professional job!

  8. Lovely to see the trees when they were little.


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