Monday 21 May 2018

By Special Request

Someone recently asked how our story began

So here it is from the beginning 

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  1. Sue, I cant find the link to your new blog, can you re post it please xx Babs

  2. So nice to see you blog pop up this morning. I love your very happy photo/avatar.
    I hope Irene can be caught and finally come and live with you soon.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Lovely to read how your started out Sue. And to leave a lovely town like Ulverston you must have been keen. I go with my friend there sometimes - not so very far from me here in the Yorkshire Dales.

  4. Nice to see a post from you.

    God bless.

  5. So excited to see a blog post from you!!

  6. It’s lovely to see your blog show on my list again. I have missed reading of your life on your Welsh Hill. I hope you feel you can stick around for a while.

  7. Afternoon Sue

    Wonderful to see a post from you again. Hoping you might start posting again.

    You have been missed!

    Best wishes to you, hubby and your wonderful doggies. Not forgetting Ginger!

    Carol x

  8. mis your blogs,hope to see you back here Wil from Holland

  9. Hi Sue,
    passed by your place today. It's looking goodas always. Love the way the workshop has changed colour with the weather.
    Hope you are both keeping well.

  10. It's lovely to read your comments to other people's blogs. I keep popping back to this one in the hope that you will relent and give us a quick update on how you and the small holding are doing.
    I assume that even where you live there has been a drop in rainfall recently. Has that caused problems?
    All the very best, Sue.


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