Monday, 15 December 2014

Hot Dog, and We're Plastered ......

Here's a picture captured on my phone the other night.  Apologies to my Facebook followers who will have already seen this as it happened.  

Charley has taken to sitting behind or under the log burner.  I don't know how she stands the heat, but it must get to her eventually as she wriggles her way out when she's had enough and joins Suky on the dog bed in front of the burner instead of lying on the slate underneath it.

She loves it and try as I might I cannot dissuade her from going there.

My very own little Hot Dog  :-)

And at long last we're plastered ... the windy few days we've had meant that work cracked on a pace inside the conservatory and the ceiling and sides were boarded out and plastered.

It's really taking shape now.

Advent Challenge - Day 15

A simple little heart shaped white dish.  I have a set of three one of which is almost the same size as this one, so it's surplus to requirements and has already gone off to the charity shop. 

 I've chosen to take most of my donations to a cancer charity shop in Llandudno.  It is the one shop that seems to have the least stock, a lot of the others are bursting at the seams with 'stuff'.

Sue xx


  1. What a cutie, when we had a doggie he used to do the same thing, I guess next year she'll be to big to do it.

  2. And I have been worrying about my dog standing with his front feet on a red hot radiator!! ( to look out of the window) A friend of mine has just got a pug/shitzu cross. She is 12 weeks old and very tiny! I thought of Charley when they came round last week. She made my mini schnauzer look huge. Luckily he was very gentle with her!

  3. Reminds me of our late adorable, beautiful golden cocker Holly who used to lay on the hearth nose on the basket of our open fire, quietly sizzling away totally oblivious to the world regardless! Wonderful memories.
    You might be ship shape by Christmas by the looks of things!

  4. Sorry, that would worry the cr*p out of me and there would be a mesh barrier around the wood burner by now.

    Lovely to see your renovations moving on so well.

    1. She'd soon stop it if it were hurting her. She comes out when she's hot enough.

  5. Fleur tucks herself behind the fire..when she's toasted enough ,out she comes.
    Jane x

  6. Sue, such a funny hot dog story. Charley is so cute.

  7. Charley looks like she's on 'charge', then comes out once heated through to the max.


  8. Great to see the conservatory progressing Sue :)

  9. Is Charley a pup? Aren't pets funny, I could sit for hours and watch their little antics. We will have pets again once we're retired. Can't wait.

    1. She's six months old now, so almost fully grown.

  10. Charley is gorgeous, as of course are your other furry family!


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