Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sharing Food

I was filling up the big 'bread bin with dog food yesterday and the phone rang ....
... I don't know how much he managed to snaffle ....

... but he sure enjoyed his impromptu snack and this was almost immediately after he had eaten his breakfast!!

"You spotted me then!"

"Mum stop him .... he's pinching our food again."
All our animals and birds seem to have a complete disregard for who's food is who's, none of us mind we are all happy to share :-)
Although the most surprising ever was Rosy sharing a dish of chicken treats with Molly our 'Frozen Chicken' and yes I know dogs aren't supposed to eat raisins ... we did stop her!!
Sue xx


  1. What a tinker :) its great that your animals get along so well .. I never knew dogs couldn't eat raisins?
    AFM xx

  2. Ha ha! So cute. I think animals like the idea of having something forbidden, just like us humans.

  3. In our house, it was the dog guzzling the cats' food as soon as our backs were turned. In the end I had to put the cat bowls in the garage (the cats had a cat flap into the garage) to stop the dog eating all their food. We now have two dogs (didn't get any more cats after the previous ones passed away, due to son's allergy). One dog eats very gently and ladylike, the other wolfs her food down in about 10 seconds. I have to supervise them eating or the guzzler would eat the other dog's food too!

  4. How sweet, true friends your lot.

    X x

  5. We use to have a cat who regularly tore open the bag of dog food and ate from it.

  6. Animals always have that cute look to give you when they think they might be in trouble. Lovely photos, its great to see them all sharing

  7. the best I have seen was DH niece sharing the dog food, one for he,r one for dog,1 one for her one for dog2. She was about 3/4 at the time

  8. My German Shepherd gets a couple of raisins every morning when I have my breakfast and thinks there is no bigger treat than left over cat food - wet or dry.....

  9. You'll have to tell us about the prohibition on raisins! I know onions and chocolate are seriously harmful to dogs, but I didn't know about raisins. Please tell!

  10. My springer always feels put out when I go to feed the chickens the kitchen scraps, he will take broccoli scraps and all sorts if I put the bowl on the floor to open the chicken run,

  11. How cute! our dogs like eating the chicken poop..........dirty dawgs lol x

  12. Oh they are so adorable, love your pugs face too cute.x


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