Tuesday, 4 March 2014

New Improved Chicken World

The old farmstead is echoing with banging at the moment, over the course of the last couple of days between other jobs Lovely Hubby is building a new and improved Chicken World.

Now all the fence posts are in and the top rail is on all the way round. 
So today he is stretching the wire and attaching the stock fencing.  Fingers crossed if the good weather continues he will be able to get the chicken wire 'skirt' around the bottom tomorrow. Foxes if they can't easily jump over a fence will try to dig under it and good width of chicken wire lying flat on the ground, hidden by the grass growing through it is a brilliant fox deterrent.  So it's our plan to take a length of chicken wire fold it in half to an 'L' shape and then attach the upright part to the stock fencing and lay the horizontal part flat on the grass, pegged down all around and hopefully foil Mr Fox and his family.

The chickens are enjoying their unusual level of freedom and while we are out and about around the house are safe from predators.

They don't know why Mum keeps taking photos though and always come over to see what I'm up to.
Sue xx


  1. Congrats on the new chicken enclosure !

  2. It's looking good, look at your lovely chickens, I'm so jealous!

  3. Surely a fox can jump over those fences? They jump over 6ft fences into our garden! Hope your chooks will be safe.

  4. extremely interested in your fences. could you tell me what the fencing code is and what made you choose that type... Also about the positioning of your chicken house. was it a design choice that it is on a slope, drainage, run off... etc. If you could do a post on how you have decided where everything is to go, I would be over the moon grateful. like kiss you your amazing.

    I am currently on a small holding course and finding it all a little scary. as I am very aware of the high standards of care needed for all animals.

  5. I dig the wire in now as I found it a pain when it was lay on the top. Should still work though. Looks like good fencing. I'll have to do a big blog post on mine soon as I've done loads of fencing over winter!

  6. There is a very good chicken section on Down The Lane Forum that you might be interested in. I'm sure you know all you need to know, but you might like to take a look.

    1. Thanks I had a quick peek :-)

  7. Looks like your chickens will be living the good life with all that space and the fox proofing sounds like a great idea to keep your chickens safe. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  8. Wow, that is going to be very impressive. Your chucks will be more than happy with that I am sure.

    X x

  9. Thanks for all the comments and emails, see tomorrows post for more details of how this will be finished off.

  10. Looks great, Sue ! I imagine there's nothing quite like having your very own free range eggs!

  11. Nice fencing project. We run a line of high tensile wire through the chicken wire right at the base of the fence to further frustrate predators. No foxes here but we have skunks, coyotes, weasels, wolves etc who like to kill and sometimes eat ours.

  12. We have a beautiful fox in our Scottish garden - luckily we have no chickens!!


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