Friday, 13 May 2016

Waiting for the Call

Why is it when you're waiting for the phone to ring it never does!!

I took Rosy to the vets yesterday ... about a month ago she came down from the hillside with a limp, at first we thought she had pulled a muscle or something like that.  We checked her over, nothing broken, examined her paw in great detail there was nothing stuck in it, so we settled back and let time start to heal.

Over the past couple of weeks she has limped more and more, usually just after she gets up from a snooze or first thing in the morning, she was fine when she was out and about walking with us and when she ran around chasing rabbits.  But this past couple of days she stopped putting weight on her foot, standing on her three 'good' legs and just the tippy toes of her back left so I decided I had to get this sorted.

I took her yesterday and after she patiently let the vet prod all over her legs and joints and she really flinched at a push into her hip, so I had to make an appointment for today for her to go back for an general anaesthetic to get it properly X-rayed.

Now I'm just waiting for the phone to ring ....

Sue xx


  1. I hope she will be okay. It is nerve wracking when my animals have problems...Best to you.

  2. Hope you get the call soon and you can take Rosy in for her ex-ray. I find it so nerve- racking taking animals to the vets, but unfortunately there are times when they just have to go (you have got to do the best you can for them). I have a poorly chicken at the moment and I am really hoping I don't end up at the vets .... again. I sometimes think these animals (especially the chickens) are out to make me a nervous wreck!! Hope all's OK with Rosy - good luck and have a nice weekend. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire.

  3. Poor dog, but she'll be ok hopefully!

  4. Poor Rosy, hope she will be ok.

  5. Sending a hug and hope that all is ok. Deb

  6. Get well soon Rosy. It's horrible when they get poorly.... I cry every time I take mine to the vets. �� Thinking of you Sue. X

  7. Awwwww, poor little sweet baby.
    I too am waiting for a vet call today. It never seems to ring.
    Fingers crossed for Rosy.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  8. Its awful waiting for news. Our Jack Russell had arthritis and was on medication for the last 5 years of his life. He died at almost 17 years old.

  9. Poor little lovey. Hope it's not too serious.

  10. Fingers crossed it's nothing serious Sue.


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