Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Right Back to Work

After a lovely weekend away staying in THE most gorgeous cottage and location we are back home and right back to work as usual.

I fell in love with every bit of the cottage but this larder/scullery was just the most lovely little space, how I would love to live in a cottage like this all the time, and use this larder to store all my home made preserves and the foods picked from the veggie patch.

  I have taken photos of the cottage interior from virtually every angle, inside the old oven (cobwebs and all), the bathroom room, you name it I photographed it, but I know there is nothing worse than being made to pore over other peoples holiday snaps so I have limited the pictures to just a couple.

I have to show you this, a posh version of a Pound Shop do you think .... 'The Famous £1.20 & Above' shop, there were a few of these in towns around us.  This one is in Aberaeron. 

Suky peeping around her Dad's leg while he was looking over the harbour wall at New Quay.

Our neighbours in the field.  We woke up each day to the sound of the lambs calling to their Mums and vice versa.

Our other neighbour was Llanerchaeron House, just a few hundred yards from our cottage and visible over the hedge in the garden. and we spent a happy few hours there on Sunday afternoon.

And they could see us through their window too  :-)

The best part of Llanerchaeron House is the servants quarters and behind the scenes areas.  Absolutely fascinating, Lovely Hubby asked me to put the kettle on .... anything to oblige!!

Their larder was even more impressive than our cottages.

But the weekend whizzed by and before we knew it we were cleaning the cottage and setting off for home.  We stopped for lunch in Betws y Coed on the way back, just to prolong that holiday feeling a little bit more.  With Suky sat under the table 'talking' to the Chow Chow sat under the next table.  we tucked into salmon, with baby new potatoes and buttered cabbage.  Yummy, but there was a reason for a good lunch we knew the minute we got back we would be in the thick of the latest work.

And we got home to this .... the trench dug at the front of the house almost right across, and traffic lights stopping people either side of our property so they don't get too close to the work while it is going on and don't fall into the trench at night.   

I hope we're not annoying the neighbours too much, but it does have the added advantage that traffic is going much slower and will be safer for folk pulling out of the campsite and Mary's B&B further along the road while the lights are in place.

A panoramic shot taken at the end of the working day yesterday,  Already by this morning the trench is going right across the entrance to our property and we are waiting for the concrete to be delivered that will fill it.  There is no access in or out for any of us this way, we have parked the cars in the paddock and will have to use the other gate for a couple of days until this part of the work is finished.

I'm off now I have some potatoes to plant, it's going to be all go this week, planting and transpanting, I'll get you some photos and bore you with those instead of holiday snaps ;-)

Sue xx


  1. Those 2 larders are wonderful. I have what I grandly (and over-optimistically) call a utility room.....it's actually a brick built outhouse on the side of the kitchen, where I keep stores of dry and tinned foods and preserves, along with the washing machine and freezers. However, it is also used, much to my annoyance, as a shed and dumping ground for husband's tools etc. when he can't be bothered to put them away in his 'proper' shed or garage.....I WILL get him out of this bad habit, if it kills me!

    1. I would confiscate anything of his that he leaves there and hide it .... he'll soon get the message ;-)

  2. I love the cottage, oh how I would love a larder like that.

  3. We've got a larder - a proper 1950's one that was original to the place when it was built. It was one of the main selling points when we viewed. It's nothing like as grand as those though - really just a deep full-height cupboard with tiles shelves and floor, and ventilation to the outside.

    1. That sounds wonderful .... I'm green with envy :-)

  4. The larders look great. There is one in my Mum's kitchen and I have always loved it! Personally, I'd be happy to see more holiday shots - the cottage looked lovely! X

  5. Looks like a delightful place to stay and a lovely time as well.

  6. Oh wow Sue that brings back memories. My mom was born and raised in Betws-y-Coed. My nan owned Bodd Hyfrid (not sure I'm spelling that right) and my uncle owned Tan Dinas (sp)? and I used to spend all my summers up there. Over 50 years ago now. I'll have to go back and visit now and you have raised some happy memories. Anna

  7. What a gorgeous holiday home, it looks like you had a lovely time :) I'm a sucker for a larder too, maybe one day . . .

  8. Lovely photos. Nice to see what you look like without a cabbage in front of you!! x

  9. All good things must come to an end, I'm not long back from a few days away up north, it was heaven, but good to come home to continuing good weather and getting on in my garden. Looking forward to your continuing poly tunnel tales :)

  10. Looks like a lovely trip, i can see why you feel hard for the cottage! I've always dreamt of a little cottage with a front garden full of flowers and a cobbled path...but I'm not sure i'll be able to fit all my stuff in one! Maybe as a holiday home one day if I'm lucky! Katie x



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