Friday, 21 February 2014

Wait For Me ...

It was raining so hard the other day Lovely Hubby decided it made more sense to leave his 'dossing around the house' shorts on to walk the dogs around our paddock.  After all it's easier to dry legs than it is to dry soggy jeans.  Well you know me, I couldn't resist getting a couple of shots of this rather fetching doggy walking attire.   :-)

They set off through the gap in the fence ...

... and then he suddenly realised he was one dog down!!

A little Pug was bringing up the rear .... 'Wait for me Dad'.

She soon caught up, and they had a thoroughly enjoyable gallop around in the rain for fifteen minutes before returning to the warmth and dryness of the house.
Then it was inside jobs for LH and snoozing by the Aga for the dogs, it's not a bad life for them is it.
Sue xx


  1. Brrr ... that makes me cold just looking at his lack of trousers!!

  2. I notice the postman often wears shorts even in winter - makes me shiver to think of bare knees this weather although as you say legs are easier to dry than trousers! Glad they all enjoyed the walk and pity LH couldn't have a lie down in front of the Aga too!

  3. Our postie wears shorts too! I agree with you though, easier to dry legs, trousers just stick to you and make you colder!

  4. I like the way your chap always wears shorts.....less laundry, less ironing.....he's doing wonders for the environment .... I give him a high five from me xxxx

  5. Did you say Dodgy or doggy walking gear?!.
    My old man starts to wear shorts in April and that's it until October, whatever the weather, but his legs haven't seen light yet this year.

  6. Both my plumber and neighbour wear shorts through out the year, in fact I don't think I have ever seen my neighbour in trousers.

  7. my hubby is the same ....cammo shorts all year round brrr

  8. There was me thinking you were having a heat wave!
    Jane x

  9. Mike is in shorts more than trousers, it must be the male hairy legs that keeps them warm. Makes me cold just to look at him.

  10. Hubby`s shorts cry out for summer. And, those dogs do live such a comfortable life. You are spoiling the little beggars.

  11. I spy you have a speed camera - hope they don't get caught on camera galloping around the paddock! I think the shorts are very fetching!

  12. I like that look , I am going to suggest it to the hubs :)


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