Monday, 10 February 2014

Ooh Look, Tasty Worms ......

"Ooh look, tasty worms"
"Did you see something move through that window ..... ?"

"It's Mum ..... look it's Mum."
" Hey girls I've found where Mum goes to when she's not in our house."

"Look THERE she is, she's pointing that thingy at us again!"

"I just knew it, she lives in that giant hen house right next door to ours."
*** *** ***
Lovely Hubby let the chickens out to have a peck in the fresh grass that is everywhere except Chicken World, they made straight for the house and found me :-)
It was lovely to see them pecking around exploring the new place for the first time, the dogs found it slightly intimidating as they are used to having the place to themselves, Mavis just sat watching the birds in amazement, moving out of their way if they came near her. She's very good with them now having had a good telling off for grabbing the first one she ever saw by it's tail feathers, as Lovely Hubby would say 'she takes a telling', which I guess is Scottish lingo for tell her once and it sinks in!
Sue xx


  1. I bet their eggs taste lovely too after having a peck about and they must have thought it heaven after the mud they have no doubt created in their run?

    1. It's amazing how quickly the yolks react to getting fresh tasty grass, they go an even brighter shade of orange :-)

  2. Hello from the Northern Irish country side to your bit of the Welsh countryside :D our chucks are always happier shuffling around out of the pen, so we seldom confine them. However, recently some of the little dears have decided that come bed time, the local pine tree is comfier than their roost..... Typical! Lol

  3. Keeping hens will be top of my list when we get our forever home. Until then I can nip over to see yours and your lovely pooches too.

    Jean x

  4. lol that really made me giggle! Arent they cute!

    Just worked out how to follow people ! hooray

  5. Nice story telling.
    The trouble with free-ranging hens is that you find yourself watching them when you should be doing something else!

    1. Oh yes, it took me a long time to wash those pots once I started watching the chickens :-)

  6. What beautiful photos. I would so love to be able to look out of my window and see hens. Perfection. The grass looks lovely as well, no doubt they really enjoyed it.

  7. Lovely picture through your window.

    I can't write a new post - any idea what's wrong ?

    1. Try signing out of Blogger and then sign back in after a few minutes, sometimes it works. I once couldn't post for a couple of days, and then it all just went right again.

      Sorry I'm not more computer minded. Good Luck.

  8. I wish I had your view of the hens from my office - wouldn't get much work done mind!


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