Friday, 27 April 2012

A Hard Life!!'s a hard life!!

Suky xx


  1. Oh Suky, I soooo wish I was you right now. To be able to snuggle up in bed, and be loved and fed by your mum and dad. I'm REALLY jealous. We can trade places if you want....just for a short while. xx Susan

  2. I'd like to trade places with her today! :)

  3. We are thinking of getting a Pug, any tips or advice ? I would like a black one but my daughter wants one like Suky, I suppose it will be whats avaliable when we look.

  4. Yes, but she has to go outside to this weather, too!

  5. Do you think she might need a pllow?
    Jane x

  6. A very fine pampered Pug indeed!
    Sandie xx

  7. How cute :)

    DH and I always say that if we could come back after we die we want to be one of our cats....LOL.

  8. I don't know where the expression 'it's a dog's life' came from .... but I'd be a dog or a cat come to that! xx

  9. Miss Piggy Bank - Tips or advice on getting a Pug....just get one! They are brilliant, friendly little dogs and love to be with you all the time, they love children and all other animals and birds and just want to please you and they are VERY clever.

    The only difference with the Fawn ones (and indeed the Apricot) over the all Black ones (which Suky's dad was) is that the paler dogs seem to have more expression on their faces, due to the black markings added to the adorable wrinkles.

    Sue xx
    Our New Life in the Country

  10. What a sweetie you are ! We always pat the Pugs in our village.

    Just read your previous post Sue - well done you !


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