Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Buoy is Back

The buoy is back .... the buoy that can be seen dangling from the tree in our woodland that is.

The previous owners of this house had two youngish boys and I guess either they or their Dad put this up for swinging on.  As it is on a tree that is so tall and with such a steep drop in front of it we have no way of getting it down, save shooting through the rope to release it.  But I don't think either of us would actually ever do this as it's something of a local landmark.

When anyone local asks us where we live we used to say the house with the trailers parked in the field, then we sold the trailers.  Now we tend to say the house with the polytunnels and they know immediately which house we are, but there a few folk that simply know us as 'the house with the buoy hanging in the woods',

That'll do nicely, we don't mind at all ... but it only works through the late Autumn and Winter months when it's visible from the road, come Spring when the leaves reappear on the trees and the huge bank of ferns comes back to life the buoy disappears from view, and then once again we are the house with the polytunnels  :-)

Sue xx  


  1. Rather nice to be recognised by something like that Dawn. Not sure what we could use to identify ourselve.s

  2. Ours is the house with the wall. We have a tall brick wall separating our property from the road, which gives us some nice privacy. Most of the other houses have open-plan gardens.

  3. ours is the house with the 2CV. wonder how the boys got to the bouy to swing.

  4. A nice land mark... when it appears !

  5. I've been past your cottage a few times over the last year and your improvements look great. I've often looked out for you but have seen the dogs once or twice. Still very envious of your location, I try and get my Snowdownia fix whenever possible !!! Kind Regards, Miss Piggy Bank xx

  6. Our house can be refinished by the fake balls! ..... I got fed up with doing hanging baskets and then them dying so I bought some fake topiary balls instead. Now about 10 houses in the street have them though!!

  7. We're the 'house with the twisty chimneys'!

  8. Ours is the house in the corner with all the rocks! We have no grass, only rocks in our front and side yards. I'm sure those polytunnels are easy to remember. Otherwise and interesting landmark, for sure.


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